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9284 Sabnock

ID: 9284
Name: Sabnock
Gender: Mare
Breed: Equus Ballator
Type: Steppe
Phenotype: Bay Taffy Reverse Roan Dotted Sooty Necrosis (dark) with Ombre and Hornstripe
Genotype: Ee AA nTaf Rn- DsDs nCry nNec nOm nHs
Import: ID 9284

Personality: Sabnock was born near the Oasis just before Tyndariari made his appearance. She was stillborn at birth. Her mother, an escaped tame Ballator, is plagued by a supposed curse upon her family from a human demon named Sabnock, and believed her little foal's death was caused by this demon. She abandoned the body in a fit of rage. Her father stayed for a moment, sorrowfully but briefly explained to her the story of the curse, before he too left.

As Rejuvenation began, the little foal joined the ranks of the revived. The only thing she knew was the one word her parents had repeated multiple times before leaving, Sabnock, and she believed this is what they had named her. After learning how to walk, she followed the Red Star to the Oasis, where she met Regale, and her journey began.

Quirks: Really, really loves fish. And annoying her Daddies.

9270 Vanth
Stronk Daddy: 9283 Dasgrar 
Scary Daddy/Angry Daddy: 9268 | Giovanni 

Resurgence Storyline: Resurgence RQ Story Order

Regale's Quests: Regale’s Quests Tracker

Playlist: Sabnock’s Soul

Stat Tracker: 9284 Sabnock Stat Tracker

Bloodlines: Starter

Breeding Slots: $10

Parent Slots are required! 
If you would like to sell any foal produced from my horses, I must be notified and given the chance to buy them back!
Failure to do so will get you blacklisted from all of my horses' slots. :) (Smile)

Please note- while Sabnock is currently still a baby, her slots are open! All foals produced from her will be non-canonical for now, and she should not be included in their backstory. Thank you!

Username | Payment | Status | Stallion | Foal
1. naomithewolf | Designer | Unused |
2. S00ner0rLater | Paid | Unused | 8434 Frostmorne | 
3. Fade--Touched | Gift | Unused |
4. Baylili00 | Gift | Unused |
5. BrynLison | Gift | Unused | 
6. Open!
7. Open!
8. Open!
9. Closed
10. Closed
11. Closed (Proof)

Designer: Naomithewolf
Pose Reference: Standing Newborn Tobiano Foal
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S00ner0rLater's avatar

May I use this stud for my slot?

8434 Frostmorne
naomithewolf's avatar

OO she's such a cute little babe! A miracle child! i'm excited to see what you do with her <3

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The sweetest angel! I'm keen for her to grow! <3

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goddd what a baby, i love!

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