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9006 Saros

ID: 9006
Name: Saros
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Equus Ballator
Type: Steppe
Phenotype: Pangare Seal Bay Snowflake Appaloosa Asinus and Afghan
Genotype: Ee Ata nP nLp(snow)
Import: ID 9006

Personality: Saros rules over a region beside Dead Country known as the Purple Empire, making him the Purple Emperor. He chose these names himself, and not many respect him, but they do fear him. Only those Ballators with purple or blue horns can reside in his Empire. Any other colours are cast out. The Purple Empire is a nice place to live, Saros is actually quite a good leader, however his odd colour favouritism makes him hated throughout the land, and not many chose to live there, even if they do fit his colour requirements. In retaliation, other herds have started popping up around the Purple Empire. The Red Kingdom is the most notable rival, and many battles have been fought between the two regions. 

He keeps a small herd of Ballators close to him, while the rest of the Purple Empire residents can live wherever they like within the region. But they must heed his calls to action. Those who ignore him will have their horns painfully removed before they are killed for disobeying. He adds their horns to his throne as a reminder to others. Saros is not religious, but he is very inspired by Hannibal, which led to the horn snatching. 

Quirks: Often, he will pay mares to bear his children, and he will protect them within the Empire, but he will not care for his offspring as his children. His only desire is to spread his bloodline. One day, he'll choose one of his offspring to take over the Empire, but not for a long while yet. 

Advisor: 2966 Elpis

Bloodlines: Starter

Stat Tracker: 9006 Saros Stat Tracker

Breeding Slots: $10

Parent Slots are required! 
If you would like to sell any foal produced from my horses, I must be notified and given the chance to buy them back!
Failure to do so will get you blacklisted from all of my horses' slots. :) (Smile)

*Slots marked "Old Ref" do not need to follow the above rules, although it is appreciated if you do! <3

Username | Payment | Status | Mare | Foal
1. Beastsgraveyard | Old Ref | Unused | ID 9119 | 
2. Medd--Lee | Trade | Unused |…
3. Open!
4. Open!
5. Open!
6. Open!
7. Open!
8. Closed
9. Closed
10. Closed

Designer: Reitro
Pose Ref: STOCK - TotR Arabians 2013-229
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