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Me as Nova from Starcraft series

Photo by *Future

I love Starcraft universe and I love Ghosts. To bad that Starcraft Ghost never came out :<
Nova is such a strong person. I love her character and look :D

:heart: :heart: :heart:

Twitter: [link]
Coscom: [link]
Facebook fanpage: [link] FEEL FREE TO ADD :heart:
Curecos: [link]

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yay love the Nova cosplay!!! Love her character so much! :3 Great job! 
A jednak polak potrafi :]

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You look like the NOVA from Heroes of storm perfectly! That's so Amazing!!!
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Holy shit, that cosplay is amazing! Simply Nova, great work!
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Wooow !
Nice armor. :)
Have you made it ?
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._. I've looked for this outfit everywhere with no luck
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genialnie wygląda :D a z ciekawości, jakich materiałów użyłaś przy robieniu pancerza?
What did you make your armor out of? I am going to cosplay Caska from Berserk but I'm debating on how to do the breastplate.
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wow magnificent xd although starcraft series prevail in my country there are seldom of SC cosplayers did their cosplay superbly.....i wanna cosplay as ulrejaj or zeratul
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where did you get the costume from?
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I made it by myself :)
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really cool...!!!
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So beautiful! ♥
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Very well played, this came out great, you look like her too. :) Way to go.
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You look so awesome!
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you look awsome, this cosplay looks great
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Nice cosplay.
I love ghost too.
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