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American McGee's -Alice-

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This is from the game by American McGee called 'Alice' ([link]). Its about Alice, who after her trips into Wonderland, and her house being burnt down,(and trying to commit suicide) is now Insane, and in Rutledge Asylum.

Until she is summoned by Rabbit, and met by the Cheshire cat, now in his True form, and follows Rabbit...and finds out Wonderland is very different than her old blonde-self ever knew about, now that is under the control of the Queen Of Hearts

Armed with the Vorpal Blade (A large, blood stained knife), she fights her way through Wonderland - and her own mental problems.
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never heard of this game, i should check it out!
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It is very, very good! ^_^
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*just started playing Alice* I was wondering if I would find a stamp with it :3

Nice job, I really like it ^-^
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Thanks, theres also a couple Gaia profile themes over on TekTek! (i dunno if you have a GaiaXD)
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I can't remember if I have Gaia either >_>