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gaia profile commission

I sometimes do profile commissions for gaiaonline, and I really like this one. ;3

People watching me probably don't know, but I've actually been into web design for like six years now... although all you can code on gaia is the css, you can do quite a lot with it.

I've made several different bunny food/candy/dessert characters, I'll upload them sometime~

ps, feel free to contact me on gaia for a profile commission, my username is vaginal soup ;O

Edit: I opened up a profile shop the thread is here: [link]

yeah, nooo I don't do profile commissions anymore, sorry
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Aww man :( you don't do commissions anymore ...
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I'd love to be able to use one of your premades, but the website is down. ):
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The website is shut down, I don't have anything to do with gaia anymore, sorry
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Okay. ^^ Was just wondering!!
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Oh wow this is such an awesome profile!! Are you still doing it for gaia??
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sorry to hear that :( well either way it's super nice and very well made ^_^ :heart:
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How cuute!
You should put your codes on Devi, so fellow Devi/Gaia followers can use them!
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My premades are at [link]
I don't make profiles anymore, except for the occasional auction.

And this was a commission so obviously it's only for one person to use.
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Gah. So cute * A *
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This is greaaaaaaaaat! <3
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*mighthavetobugyouonGaia* XD

This is adorable <3
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*seeeends PM* XD
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