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Total Drama All Stars (Redone) Episode 4
Chris: (Voiceover, recounting last episode’s clips) Last time, on Total Drama All-Stars, it was all about teamwork, or lack thereof. Harsh, Courtney (Laughs), awesome, but harsh! The challenge? An epic leechball battle brought out everyone's inner psycho, especially Jo's; which is why she got flushed. But, it was an act of valor and cowardice that inspired my brilliant switcheroo! Now Duncan is a hero, solidifying how much of a wimp he’s become, Courtney's a villain, hopefully giving Gwen more opportunities to hurt her, and I'm a genius. (Chuckles, rubs his hands together smirking) Oh, it's gonna get nasty! Will the Villains crush the Heroes, or will they continue riding the drainpipe of loserdom? Find out now on Total Drama All-Stars!
(Opening credits)
(They are at the loser cabins of Wawanakwa, where a rainstorm is occurring. Scott and Alejandro are sleeping peacefully even as the ceiling drips and leaks. Suddenly a loud crash wakes them up)
Scott: (Tired) Wah?
(The door
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Total Drama All Stars (Redone) Episode 3
Chris: (Voiceover, recounting last episode’s clips) Last time on Total Drama All-Stars, our heroes and villains went digging for buried treasure and uncovered a few nasty surprises. Alejandro shows a little surprise for us all too, and I’m not just talking his game with the ladies. Gwen villain’d it up big time, trying to sabotage the heroes by taking out one of their members. I knew she would make a right fit there. But in the end, the Heroic Hamsters were victorious, and Lightning, fresh from a hungry night of exile on Boney Island, made enough boney-headed moves to get the royal flush from his teammates. 14 competitors remain, which one of them will ride the sewer system next? Find out right now on Total Drama All-Stars!
(Loser cabin, the boys’ side. Duncan and Alejandro share one bunk bed, Duncan on the bottom and Alejandro on top, wrapped in a sleeping bags.)
Duncan: Ugh, I had almost forgotten how sucktacular these cabins are.
Alejandro: (sighs)
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Total Drama All Stars (Redone) Episode 2
Chris: (Voice-over as clips from the last episode play) Last time on Total Drama: I welcomed the All-Stars to the newly decontaminated island. Then, it was Heroes VS Villains, diving into shark-infested waters in search of the one key that would unlock the door to the all-new McLean Spa Hotel, for winners only. And drama already bubbling to the surface in the reignited love triangle between, Anne Maria, Zoey, and Vito aka Mike, or maybe that would make it a love square, more angles, more drama. Thanks to Scott's cowardly fear of sharks, we learned that in every robot beats the heart of a Spaniard. In this case: Alejandro. And, while Alejandro might not hold the key to Heather's heart anymore, he did hold the key to the spa hotel, and victory for the Villainous Vultures. And the Heroic Hamsters bid farewell to Lindsay via, our newest and most humiliating “commode” of transportation, the Flush of Shame. (Cut to Chris and Chef grinning on the Dock of Shame) Who will be next to
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Total Drama All Stars (Redone) Episode 1
(Chef is seen walking through a prison accompanied by a guard, passing by several cells full of prisoners screaming things like "I'm innocent" or giving him kissy faces. He grows nervous as he approaches his destination.)
Guard: McClain's in there, Hatchet.
Chef: Thanks man.
Guard: If you ask me, he deserves to be in here longer for what he does to those kids.
(He leaves and Chef enters, seeing Chris in his orange jumpsuit.)
Chris: And the Cockroaches are ahead of the Stinkbugs. Uh oh, it looks like Lightning is up ahead of Jo, the heat is on, but it seems Jo has decided to play dirty (laughs) looks like things are stirring up. (It's revealed he is looking at two bugs, but then he looks up when a shadows looms over. His smile disappears when he looks up.) Oh, look who it is, look who's finally decided to visit me after a whole year, my best friend, my companion.
Chef: Hey, cut me some slack. I'm here to get you out of here.
Chris: Whatever, maybe I want to stay here. After all, I alrea
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Total Drama All Stars (Redone)
I know I am beating a dead horse at this point, but I believe TDAS was not just lazy, but it was also wasted potential; a season bringing back all previous characters and with a potentially dangerous villain and it falls short when it should not have. Don't get me wrong, there were things in the season I liked; Zoey's friendship with Gwen and possibly Duncan, Jo and Heather's power struggle, and the antagonism of Alejandro and Mal. But there were things that they just didn't touch on or just ignored, which kind saddens me. I've been reading people's fanfiction on All Stars and it kind of makes me want to make one too; though fair warning it would go to some dark places (still remains a comedy). Here are the contestants:
Heros:                                           Villains:
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Fat Babe Council by hellobobo Fat Babe Council :iconhellobobo:hellobobo 45 0 Fat Babe Council 2 by hellobobo Fat Babe Council 2 :iconhellobobo:hellobobo 28 0 Poison Ivy 3 by hellobobo Poison Ivy 3 :iconhellobobo:hellobobo 31 4 Poison Ivy 2 by hellobobo Poison Ivy 2 :iconhellobobo:hellobobo 18 1 Goku and Pan by hellobobo Goku and Pan :iconhellobobo:hellobobo 3 0 Beauty and Beast by hellobobo Beauty and Beast :iconhellobobo:hellobobo 5 2 Marceline Plushy by hellobobo Marceline Plushy :iconhellobobo:hellobobo 5 0 Batman and Robin by hellobobo Batman and Robin :iconhellobobo:hellobobo 2 0 Wonder Women by hellobobo Wonder Women :iconhellobobo:hellobobo 1 1 Superwoman by hellobobo Superwoman :iconhellobobo:hellobobo 9 0 Poison Ivy by hellobobo Poison Ivy :iconhellobobo:hellobobo 30 5


Pinkie by Holivi Pinkie :iconholivi:Holivi 593 17 Rarity by Holivi Rarity :iconholivi:Holivi 585 16 RG - The Starblights by DenisM79 RG - The Starblights :icondenism79:DenisM79 162 6 Mother Moonlight by DenisM79 Mother Moonlight :icondenism79:DenisM79 103 1 Justice League Western Re-Design - Gallery by DenisM79 Justice League Western Re-Design - Gallery :icondenism79:DenisM79 1,850 88 Spider-Man and Co Steampunk Re-Design - Gallery by DenisM79 Spider-Man and Co Steampunk Re-Design - Gallery :icondenism79:DenisM79 2,249 139 Dare Devil Steampunk Re-Design by DenisM79 Dare Devil Steampunk Re-Design :icondenism79:DenisM79 1,051 29 Poison Ivy by DenisM79 Poison Ivy :icondenism79:DenisM79 168 7 Kick-Ass Board Game by DenisM79 Kick-Ass Board Game :icondenism79:DenisM79 96 2 AVENGERS Fantasy Re-design - Gallery by DenisM79 AVENGERS Fantasy Re-design - Gallery :icondenism79:DenisM79 3,453 170 Loki Fantasy Re-design by DenisM79 Loki Fantasy Re-design :icondenism79:DenisM79 927 38 Chloe and Cupid by Cookie-Lovey Chloe and Cupid :iconcookie-lovey:Cookie-Lovey 14 4 Desired Valentine's Day by Cookie-Lovey Desired Valentine's Day :iconcookie-lovey:Cookie-Lovey 16 10 All is been Began by Cookie-Lovey All is been Began :iconcookie-lovey:Cookie-Lovey 9 7 I'M SUPPOSED TO BE WITH JORGEN!!! by Cookie-Lovey I'M SUPPOSED TO BE WITH JORGEN!!! :iconcookie-lovey:Cookie-Lovey 16 8 Valentine's Issues by Cookie-Lovey Valentine's Issues :iconcookie-lovey:Cookie-Lovey 22 5


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The cosplays that i put up are pictures i find on the internet. I am not them and I do not know them. But what they do is amazing so I am sharing these photos with whoever comes across my account.


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