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The All New Urban HeadGear
Working with our overseas engineers, we've designed and built a technologically-superior piece of headwear which we're quite proud of. The new DeviantWEAR Urban Headgear unit is built from space-age materials which are clinically proven to block harmful and unwanted signals from affecting your brilliant creative mind.

This specific initial release unit has been shown, in over one dozen clinical trials, to significantly enhance the creative person's ability to simply be creative without interference from radio signals, television signals, and other unwanted airwaves which could dramatically deteriorate the mind.

At deviantART, we believe in
:icondeviantwear:deviantWEAR 1,807 965
The Magic of Code-Breaking
What magic? :unimpressed:Ever get tired of typing :D, only to find :D ( ^^ ) staring you down once you hit submit? Or how about :X becoming :X ( >^< )? Are you wondering how I managed to type up that example without its own point thwarting me? Well, here's the secret::DYES! IT IS THAT SIMPLE!
Now, all of you, stop whining that dA stole your ability to use your favourite smiley. There's no longer any need for your complaining.
:postit: Note: You could also use , , , or even . Any closing-tag-dependent HTML tag would work.
Is that all this is good for? :confused:Absolutely not! Just look around! You can use this method to get around just about any code that deviantART's parsing system renders differently.
For example: my, well, examples! How did I get "" to render that way?Want to type a URL without it becoming "[link]"?
This particular example comes in handy if you're ever giving somebod
:iconabfc:Abfc 457 537
Get Puzzle'd Community Contest!

           You remember what it was like. Opening a dusty cardboard box,
           yellowed with age, found in Grandma's attic. Dumping the 500
           puzzle pieces on the kitchen table. Striving for several tedious
           hours to complete a picture of assorted flowers in a vase, or a
           kitten playing with string. Filling time until your parents picked
           you up from dear ol' Granny's place. Boring.

           Well, this puzzle is nothing like that! We're taking a fun and
           innovative take on a classic puzzle game, to celebrate
:iconayame-kenoshi:Ayame-Kenoshi 3,458 3,506


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Heard Island and McDonald Islands



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