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did the vector of tori amos a long time ago.
so i decided to do a rollingstone cover with it.
another piece from school.
its eh.
i mean, its just a cover like it would be.
the only art behind it is the vector.
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nice work, the vector in the back is awesome, i dont think id seen that one before. i think the type on the right side would look a lot better if it was all right aligned to a single edge though.
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Thanks! Yeah, this one is an oldie vector work. Its in my gallery somewhere.
You know, I never even thought about the type.
I don't even remember if the type on the Rollingstone mag is all aligned on the right.
I'll have to check that out. And if it is, fix it.
Thanks for pointing that out.
Because my teacher never did either.
Though I'm starting to wonder if he never did because that's the way their mag is,
or he liked it that way.
I don't know, were friggin weird over there, as old artsy fartsy people are. haha.
God I don't ever want to be one of those. hahahaha.
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lol, i think all old people are friggen weird. but thats just me. it probably doesnt matter how the type is now. all in the past and such.