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I wish u all best. All successful will come to you all:smooch:, you r wonderful when u give me ur sweet and very lovely supporting:blowkiss:

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:bulletgreen: Commission information :bulletgreen:

Please read it before you ask here, most of questions are answered but some people still asking without reading them first. If you don't want to read whole thing, you can use ctrl+F to find the keyword you want to know. Many thanks for understanding :happycry:

:bulletwhite:I usually get notes/comments to ask about drawing and of course I always happy to share my experiences with you cause I want all of us becomes better ^^ but sometimes, same answers may take a bit time therefore I will answers and post all questions of you here. It will save more my time and your time. Is it okie?
But please, I only answer question about art/drawing which I know. I don't want (and don't like) any question about myself therefore please don't ask those. I wont answer them ^3^

:bulletblack: 1. What kind of materials do you use? What's brand name?
-Mechanical pencil lead 0.5mm 2B (pentel), regular eraser (pentel), ball point pen 0.1 (Pigma, Sakura) and sometimes black/gray markers for effect, I usually use PaperOne paper 'all purpose' (type on google and you can see it) - but mostly, I grab any paper around me for drawing, it's not really a matter for me & Faber Castel classic colors pencil (48 colors) www.officebuy.co.nz/data/Image… <- This is what I use. Yes, I don't use watercolors pencil cause personal I love classic colors more cause they look brighter.

:bulletblack: 2. How long have you been for drawing? And how many hours do you draw everyday?
-I drew when I was 3 or 4 years old but style which u see I draw now was around 2008. I try to spend at least 4 hours per day but actually there are always more than that (cause I want to improve more and more

:bulletblack: 3. Do you take any school of art? Do you think learning art during education (e.g. High School, College, Uni) is important?
-I learn myself. Example: you can see a lot of amazing artists from DA, I m sure u can learn a lot from them ^^.
-I think it depends, school will help you learn basic but if you want to be better or improve, you need to work hard yourself.

:bulletblack: 4. How do you do your lineart? And how to keep it clean?
My pencil NEVER scans into the computer, even after adjusting the brightness in photoshop a thousand times.
My scanner eats my colors and lineart, it doesn't turn out right. Should I buy a new scanner?

-First, I sketch them with mechanical pencil (but try to draw them very blur), then I draw main lines (lineart) with mechanical pencil (or you can use pen) -> erase the rest, only keep the lineart (It's also a first step to clean lineart). Then after u scan, go to photoshop -> Bright/contrast. But if it's a colors pic then after follow same step till the lineart step -> color them -> scan -> Bright/contrast on photoshop to make it brighter.
-You just need to turn off the auto mod of scanner (it's in option), though the picture can come out very dark but after you use PS to edit (bright/contrast), it will turn out better (it's just my experience. If you have any better idea, please feel free to tell cause I am not good at PS honestly) . My scanner is Canon Lide 60 and it's only 70$, sometimes I use scanner Canon Lide 200, and price of it is around 110$.

:bulletblack: 5. How do you put the color on the paper to make it look smooth?
-I recognize 1 funny thing when I draw on paper. Do you know what? If you try to feel and touch the paper yourself, then will have 1 side of paper smoother than other side (is it cool?). If you want smooth look then use soft side, and if you want colors look classic & texture then use another side. Also, another tip is don't press the pencil/color pencil strong then paper will turns 'shine' and u cant color any more on it. If you want colors look darker please be patience, just do them softly with many layers.

:bulletblack: 6. Do you color in circles, or go along the shape of the lineart?
-Again it depends, sometimes I go straight lines & sometimes I use circles. Why? because u should look at your colors pencil, if it sharp then u should go straight lines (cause if u colors like circle, it will give some colors dust), and when colors pencil head is round, u go for circle (this time colors will very soft and pastel)

:bulletblack: 7. Where do you get inspiration for your drawing & your character's costumes/background from? Do you use ref. or they are your own creation? Do you take it as a challenge to find new and unique ways to pattern your character's clothes?
-I image them myself cause I like challenge myself. Patterns were a result after practicing 4 years & I proud to say I didn't copy it. And background? Myself I think I m not good at background and still need to learn more more and more...I mean a lot.
-I don't like to use ref too (except sometimes I need to see ref for hard animals as tigers, lions and I see those photos from my sister...She has those),
But sometimes when commissioners give me picture and said they want that, this, those, etc...I still try to keep the shape of clothes only and change it to my style (and thanks to all commissioners, they always let me free to do that. Aren't they awesome?)
-Yes, and I always try to create new patterns every time though not much people can see it cause my works are crazy:lol:

:bulletblack: 8. How long it takes for you to draw one picture..?
- Sketch: usually few days (3-4 days) & colors (1-2 weeks and more if picture has more details)

:bulletblack: 9. Do you listen to anything while you draw, if so what kinds of things or music do you listen to and how does it affect your art?
-Honestly when I m drawing, I just like deaf. I pay all my effort for my drawing therefore music or non-music is fine for me :D. But sometimes for relaxing drawing, I do listen music like Yanni (omg, I love him), David Nueve, etc (they are pianist :).). I dont think music affect much to me :). (But dont take it like I m not music person, I do love music so much)

:bulletblack: 10.Do you have a preferred colour scheme? Or do you just use whichever one you feel like using at the time?
-I m colorful person =P, I love all kind of colors & mostly is turquoise tone. But I always try to use & mix colors as much as I can ^^. And another tip I want to tell you is you should have a blank paper and carry it with u every time you color your works. You will try to mix colors on that paper and you will get what you love most. Keep that paper, you wont need to mix colors again for next art and from that you can create new colors tones for yourself.

:bulletblack: 11.Do you think its important to have a clean lineart? Or a sketchy line art can be artistic? Or perhaps in the end people will think it is sloppy?
-Myself I love clean work then I erase sketch lines but sometimes if you leave them (just a bit, try to control them and let them around main lines only or a bit on clothes folds), it's still interesting another way.

:bulletblack: 12.Do you ever have artblock? If you have, how can you release from it?
-Lucky it never happens to me :). But if you have artblock? :) Try to read novel or children books...I bet u will get tons ideas from them.

:bulletblack: 13.Do you prefer traditional or digital colors? Or a mix of everything? Which program you use?, and how you make it (the coloring and lineart there)?
-I love both but I m not good at CG and you can see in my works, a lot of backgrounds were added in photoshop (though they are just very simple tricks) then I will answer is: Mix them together. I use Photoshop CS2 and use them for some effect only (like add texture, bright/contrast, hue, etc). I dont use PS for coloring or lineart cause my PS skills suck.

:bulletblack: 14. Do you scan your pictures in? What kind of scanner do you use? How much pdi do you scan your works? My sketchbook is a bit bigger than A4. I'm having trouble scanning my drawings.
-I scan my works and my scanner is: Canon Lide 60 (I love Canon), prices of them are pretty good & acceptable. I usually scan at 300 PDI cause it will work faster on computer:eager: but if u computer is a good one, you can scan it higher PDI of cz:icondorkydanceplz:
-With any drawing bigger than A4 (such as A3) you can try to scan it by 2 separate parts. Example: first part is bottom, 2nd is the top. After than you can join them together with photoshop (that's what I do with me large drawing).
- Tips: Put a hard & thick book on top of scanner (not too heavy), it will give you quite good result.

:bulletblack: 15.I try to color but cant give out darker colors.
-If you want darker with colors pencil? Try to give it a bit pencil shading.
Example: You want blue? You can use blue and darker blue (1 or 2 numbers, up to u) or blue with pencil. Mix them together dear,

:bulletblack: 16. Do you trace your sketch to another paper for lineart for coloring/shading etc?
-No dear, I dont have light table to do that and I m just to lazy to do that. I draw, colors, shading on same piece.

:bulletblack: 17. Do you have any tutorials? Can I colors ur linearts?
-Yes, I have few tutorials in my gallery which u can find here hellobaby.deviantart.com/galle… (will do more when I m free):iconlovelaplz:. In my gallery , mostly linearts are commissions therefore you cant dear, sorry but I still have some linearts which u can color hellobaby.deviantart.com/galle… and I will try to make more when I have time ^^.

:bulletblack: 18. Have you ever tired when you keep drawing same work? How do you do it that you upload new picture everyday?
-Sweetie, I draw few works at same time till one is finished therefore I never get tired/boring of them:iconlovelaplz:. Also cause I draw a lot of works at same time so usually have new finished works.

:bulletblack: 19. Would you show us in a tutorial how you do that in photoshop one day? (add texture, bright/contrast, hue, etc)
-If you want but does it necessary? Because on DA they have tons of basic PS like that, I also learn from them :D and some are better than mine a lot.
Is it need to create a new one? Let's me show you some :)
.Bright/Contrast/Colors Adjust: browse.deviantart.com/resource… rocketlaunch.deviantart.com/ar… diamondsource.deviantart.com/a… lilyas.deviantart.com/art/PS-T… <--this one I use to make works turn to brown browse.deviantart.com/resource…
.Texture added: browse.deviantart.com/?qh=… sagakure.deviantart.com/art/Tu… deviantnep.deviantart.com/art/… night-fate.deviantart.com/art/…

:bulletblack: 20. What do you think an artist should do to be a good artist?
-Keep drawing/ practicing every time you can dear.

:bulletblack: 21. How did you make the background? Tutorials?
-My background sucks, I must say that and still need to learn more as I said ;O;. I use Photoshop to make them (only basic texture added), and please read faq 19 for tutorials.

:bulletblack: 22. How did you become a senior member? Though I think this question doesn't relate to art ^^; )
-FAQ #29: How do I become a Senior Member?

:bulletblack: 23.Do u like to draw girls more or boys more?
-I love draw both of them together.

:bulletblack: 24.Do you have any OCs?
-I have a folder name 'One Battle' in my gallery with my OCs there.

:bulletblack: 25.When using pencils/ mechanical pencils, how do you keep your hand from smudging the picture?
-Put a small blank paper piece under your hand dear.

:bulletblack: 26.Would you recommend an art class or taking a anatomy class to get the body figure right? Or should I just learn just by practicing everyday?
-Practicing everyday is the best way to improve, if you take a art class and dont practicing then it still likes zero. But beside that, if u practicing everyday and also if you have chance, take an art-class I m sure you will improve more.

:bulletblack: 27.Do you prefer Faber Castell Classics over Prismacolor? Why? Or have you never tried Prismacolor before?
-I tried Prisma before but simply I prefer Faber Castell then Prisma :). Myself I find Faber is easier for me to blend but thay's just my thought cause I know there are a lot of people who like Prisma than other and also they can use them amazingly.

:bulletblack: 28.May I know how you make the light colors? Did you use your hands to smudge it?
-I use my finger or q-tip :)

:bulletblack: 29.Where do you get your faber castel pencils? the only place that sells them around where I live just have the black tones and how much?
-Any bookstore has them, I usually buy in Art Friend (sorry, I don't know how about your country). It was around 12-16 bucks (depend on different shops) per 48 colors box (that what I use)

:bulletblack: 30.Do Prismacolors and Faber Castells give off the same colors?
-They give same colors but for some reason I feel Faber is a bit lighter (I don't know it's just me or not)

:bulletblack: 31.Does it make a difference in your drawing when you use mechanical or traditional pencils?
-I like mechanical cause it doesn't take time to sharpen XD.

:bulletblack: 32.Do you use photoshop or any others digital tools,if yes which one? Would u consider going digital someday?
-I am trying to learn Photoshop, will try to up one when I finish but it takes forever. CG art is hard and I adore who can do them well:love:.
-Yes, I love CG either other tools, I would love to try & good at them. I m learning CG but still slow and suck at them, that's sad!

:bulletblack: 33.What exactly do you do? I mean to say, are you a student or are you working? From what I read of your journal I can say that you spend a good part of every day drawing, how do you find the time?
-I m working and also a freelance artist. Commissions were usually draw at night, I m working at morning.

:bulletblack: 34.Which PaperOne do you buy? The all purpose one?
-I use any kinds of them cause they all work fine for me.

:bulletblack: 35.Do you prefer only A4 paper size? Do you like painting? Did you draw with ink?
-I like A4 cause it's easy to scan (my scanner is A4 size) but recently I use while a lot of A3 too,
-I haven't tried them yet and I will in future.

:bulletblack: 36.Do you inspired by other artists? Your style looks like Yoshitaka Amano/Clamp, etc?
-I usually get this questions and I should say it. No, I didn't inspired by any artists (you can read back on question 7 :)). Sorry if it hurts you, I admit that they are great artists but their style are not my cup of tea (sorry if you are their fan). Talk about idols, I love Da Vinci, Dali, etc (but no way as good as them, even just a 1 percent of their talents ;___; ). Back about style, you may find my style look familiar to those maybe because I like to use curve details lines so u may found it looks like Amano (I dint know him until some peoples told me about him. Thanks for whoever told me about him), busy picture may looks like Clamp or Amano, etc but in manga style I m sure a lot of artists have familiar styles. Dont you think so? So please don't ask me more about it or say I copy style of them :|. I don't :(

:bulletblack: 37.Is your name Hellobaby because of that Takeshi Obata one shot/Korean tv show named Hello Baby/ etc ?
-I didnt read that manga, the name was from a childhood experience. I wont tell you what is that experience (cause you will laugh at my face because of that silly reason). Also after few peoples ask about it, I search it on wiki and I see the story was written in 2007 but I joined DA since 2005 :XD: (it sames as the tv show so I hope you don't ask me about this anymore). Btw, 'hello baby' is the name anyone can easy create out so it's not original at all.

:bulletblack: 38.How and what tips can you give me on making folds?
-Practicing folds by looking at them in real life or use references at first step if you dont know how to do dear. I know my fold s messy sometimes but I will try to make a tutorial when I have time.

:bulletblack: 39.How do you ink your works to make they come out clean? Sometimes when I ink something the lines come out a bit...not straight or as curvy. Tips?
-As I said above (35), I dont use ink :D. I do lineart with pigment pen which almost same as ink.
For the first question: same as above too (but with pencil), just put a piece of blank paper under your hand to keep it clean.

:bulletblack: 40.How do you use your white color pencil in drawing?
-If a drawing need a white part/place then I left them (I also do same thing with it tho sometimes it's just a little details), sometimes I use white pen (but I dont like them much because when I use white pen above color part, it doesnt give out exactly 'white'). That's why I dont use much white color pencil in my drawing.

:bulletblack: 41.Can I use your art as reference/pose...etc...?
Edit: Can I attempt your style for mine?

-I don't mind if you use my works as reference/pose/style for practicing but credit is needed dear, also, none commercial purposes of course :).
For understanding more about different of tracing/art-thief please read this great explaining of awesome sambees budgie.deviantart.com/art/The-…
Edit: I have just found this very great articles, it mentions about what is different about thieves & tracing, special the type C in that article: news.deviantart.com/article/13… . Thanks for reading.

:bulletblack: 42. Do you take request? Can you draw for me something? Can we do art-trade? etc
-Sorry but I don't do request. If you want I draw anything for you then please note me for commission and about art-trade, I usually did it before but since a lot of peoples never do their part while I finish my part of art-trades (it happened for me more than 3 times) so I will close art-trade at the moment. Beside that I don't have much time recently, sorry :(. Whenever I reopen art-trade, I will tell it in journal. Thank you,

:bulletblack: 43. Have you ever tried markers?
-I did but not much because they are expensive ;^;

:bulletblack: 44. Can I use/color/post, etc your works (that work, this work, etc) for my game/website, etc (recently I got those kind of questions a lot) for non profit? Can I color your lineart/manip and upload on my DA/site/blogs etc with crediting?
-I am sorry dear, even the purpose you use is non profit but only commissioners who commish that/this work can use it for their purpose. If you want to have a work for any purposes, just commission me dear.
-It was said several times and I am a bit tired about answering this same question again and again but you can't colors/edit, etc any works in my gallery and posting them anywhere dear (except you are commissioner of that drawing). It's illegal and this is my last answer about it. If you upload my works on DA (only commissioners are allowed it) then sorry dear, you need to remove it cause I dont want to report you dear. If you want to color my work, I have a folder Lineart for coloring which you can color, post it on DA. I will post more linearts for that folder when I have time for sure:.
Thank you for understanding.

:bulletblack: 45. How do you come up with ideas for your poses...?
-Close your eyes and image them dear. If still cant, try to pose as what you want front of mirror, you will know how to draw it:hug: (or ask your friends, family pose for you)

:bulletblack: 46.Do you ever get confused when you're coloring? You have so many lines from the details and clothing folds.
-I divide them part to part so I can know which color for which part I want dear.

:bulletblack: 47.I saw you practice four hours a day. i love art, and want to pursue it as a career and want to improve, but for the past few months, i haven't had any desire to draw, and it's freaking me out a bit. have you ever gone through a period like that?
-Even when you dont know what to draw, just hold your pencil and doodling. It will help X3.

:bulletblack: 48.What hand do you draw with? I hear left handers are born 'creative'
Left or right hand doesn't a matter dear. It depends on how hard and how much love you put on your drawing. And I draw with my right hand :D

:bulletblack: 49.Do you use Micron pens recently? And how do you decide what to outline with pen and what to outline with pencil?
Mostly I use them for lineart but sometimes I don't. I use them when I want the lineart looks clean or making contrast of some part. I will leave the pencil itself if I want that part looks "brighter & light".

:bulletblack: 50.Have you tried animating? Like, animating your characters? It seems complicated to do though, with all the details. (Or do you have a livestream or something where we can see you work LIVE?)
Animating? I may think about it and try to do simple one when I have chance dear.
I did LS twice before :). And if you mean step by step, I will do it soon.

:bulletblack: 51.What type of paper do you prefer (the brand and hard or soft)?
I love hard paper than soft because I don't use table for drawing, I like to put it on my legs but mostly, I use all kind of paper I have around me, it includes soft paper as well.

:bulletblack: 52.Where did you learn how to draw patterns?
Self-taught dear ^3^.

:bulletblack: 53.Have ever happened to U when coloring that pencil (from lines) 'smudged into' the color. It often happens to me, especially when coloring face (lots of lines from hair and eyelashes). How to avoid this?
Use ball point pen to do line art, erase all pencil line dear. It will work .

:bulletblack: 54.What do you do when you get bored of drawing and drawing life?
I don't know cause I am not bored yet with them :giggle:

:bulletblack: 55.What would you like to improve most about your art? What direction would you like your art go toward?
Everything seriously cause I always see so many mistakes after I finish my drawing.
Being a great artist? Yeah,:D

:bulletblack: 56.What is your favorite anime show or book?
I prefer manga, reading them more than watch them :D. My fav books are Perfume, If Tomorrow Will Come, etc. Fav manga is Doreamon, Dr.Slump, Yotsuba, etc

:bulletblack: 57.Do you draw mostly for yourself? Or do you draw for the entertainment of others? Do you think there's a problem with either way of thinking? Have you ever had trouble doing commissions?
On DA are mostly commissions works, personal works I keep for myself. Manga drawing can call relaxing time for myself.
Sometimes I have trouble with commissions too such as don't do the character right or sometimes I misunderstood with my commissioners but lucky most of my commissioners are very sweet and let my image flows. I need to say thanks for that cause I think it is same for you, when someone let you draw their character but with your imagination, is it cool? :D That's why when a commissioner let me draw whatever I want (of course still keep their original design), I always enjoy my best than other drawings XD .

:bulletblack: 58.how do you come up with clothes? Have you always been a good clothes designer or did you learn (if so, how?)?
I image them myself  ^^.

:bulletblack: 59.Do you lineart your work or colour them right away and ink them later?
Sketch -> Lineart by ink (pigment pen) -> Color them :]

:bulletblack: 60.What would you do when you feel stressed?
Playing piano though I only know a little.

:bulletblack: 61.Do you snack when you are drawing?
Yes, sometime (mostly always) and it's chocolate.

:bulletblack: 62.Do you believe that any art won't be an ''art' if the anatomy not used or not used perfectly?
Depends on different styles so anatomy can be perfect/real or not, I think so. Ex: abstract style, fashion style, manga, chibi, surreal, etc all have different style of anatomy

:bulletblack: 63.Do you have a workstation, or you draw wherever you choose to?
I even don't have a "true drawing table" for myself, I draw anywhere I can sit and feel comfortable dear :D. And of course, no one around me cause I can't draw if any peoples beside me cause I will get nervous  :C .

:bulletblack: 64.When you like a sketch you did and want to color it / have a commish to do and you are more or less satisfied with the sketch result. Do you directly ink and color it or do you lay it away for some time, like a day or so ?
When I do a color commission, I draw & color every following part.
Ex: I draw head and color after that. I will do the hair follow and color it. So if I have a part I don't like and disagree with it, I will restart whole drawing. There were still many commissions I need to redraw & redraw many different pieces already C:.

:bulletblack: 65.Who is your favorite artist on deviantArt?
So many cause too many great artists on DA seriously. That's the reason I watched so so so so many peoples here D:. The list is longer than thousands artists for sure.

:bulletblack: 66.Have you ever tried watercolor? Why do you use colors pencil more than other?
Same as question about markers. Yes, I did use it before (and still have it in gallery XD) but the reason I use colors pencil most because I want to be good at 1 thing before I start another thing (actually I am trying oil on canvas now but just don't submit it on DA). Another reason because my work in real life makes me moving a lot and never stay any place for while therefore colors pencil case is the easiest thing I can bring it in my bag.

:bulletblack: 67.Is it ok if I do fanart/draw your characters?
It will be my honor if you draw my characters or doing fanart of them dear but as long as you give me credit & btw, please don't misunderstand about fanart with tracing/copying exact the work of mine. Hope you understand it. Thanks.

:bulletblack: 68.Do you plan everything out in your head or do you make a rough sketch first?
Sometime I image it but sometime I let my hand draws anything freely on paper.

:bulletblack: 69.Do you have any larger size of your drawings?
Dear my friends, mostly my drawings are commission works therefore only commissioners have high resolution (bigger size) of my works & peoples who buy prints on DA. Another reason why I don't upload large file (which I used to do few years ago) because so many art-thieves now, therefore I need to do that, sorry :C.

:bulletblack: 70.I can't find information of commission, where can I have it?
Because it's quite long therefore please send me note dear, I will send you full information about my commission. Thank you.

:bulletblack: 71.Why some of your works are stored now?
There are too many reasons behind this and the most one is so many art-thieves now, I am tired of keeping reporting them. I am sorry :C.

:bulletblack: 72.Do you ever get frustrated with a picture? if so, what do you do? And I see you like chocolate ;3 what kind?
Yes, and I redo. If it's commissions, or if I still can't draw it or for some reasons, I don't feel comfortable when I draw it, I will return money for commissioners and stop working on that work. I don't want to make myself stressful because of my favorite habit.
And if it's drawing which I draw for fun? I stop draw it if I don't feel happy with it, that's why I have lot and lot of unfinished works XD.

And for chocolate? I love all kind of chocolate as long as they are chocolate :XD:. But the one I love most is Ruhm & Raisin of Ritter from Germany but I hardly to find it anywhere now ;^;

:bulletblack: 73.What mediums (media?) have proven to be the most difficult for you to use?
Digital is the hardest medium I have ever tried D:.

:bulletblack: 74.What is/are your favourite colour(s)? :la:
I love all colors because they can mix and assist with other colors to turn out a new great colors <3.

:bulletblack: 75.Is it easier to do a background first or the main subject first?
Background is always the last thing I draw :D, I draw main subject first <3

:bulletblack: 76.Why do you always post small size of works? I can't see details clearly.
I used to post large file but since so many thieves (some even tried to sell them) therefore I am sorry. I need to protect it from internet first. Also, I think I don't post too small size, you still can see it actually. If you want to see more clearly details works, supporting artist by buying prints is really appreciated.

:bulletblack: 77.Watermarks ruin your works. I don't like watermarks on your works. I won't add fav because the watermark ruin everything, etc & why are so many works of your in storage now?
 Regard to question 76 too, I am sorry but I have to add an extra watermark on my works (only one before at the corner/bottom) since I have to deal with so many art-thieves which is also include some commercial thieves (it means they sell my works too,) therefore I have to add watermarks on them. If you feel bothering with them, I am sorry. Buying prints (without watermark) is the way you can see the artwork without watermark, also as the way you support artist ^^.
 And that's also the reason I have to put 2/3 my works in storage. I will put them back slowly when I have time to add watermark on them. Thanks a lot for understanding ♥.

:bulletblack: 78. When I colour my work, colour is so thick that the surface is all shiny and it is impossible to layer any more colour. How do I fix it?
You can try to colour in circle, don't go for straight lines and don't press the colour pencils so hard. I have a tutorial about it in my gallery too,

Thank you for reading:kiss:
Take care,

And some more questions but I cant remember:hug:. Feel free to ask ^3^, I will try to reply as soon as I can:kiss:

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i thought for sure you were using water color pencils in all of your work. 
would you ever consider making a coloring book of sorts?