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I wish u all best. All successful will come to you all:smooch:, you r wonderful when u give me ur sweet and very lovely supporting:blowkiss:

Journal style by shatteredplastic with patya scroll bar help & Winyumi firefox help. Thanks ^3^

:bulletwhite: Commission is reopening, I open 2 kind of commissions this time :): B/W & Colors (Click here for more info… )

:bulletwhite: Note me if you are interested:hug:

:bulletwhite: Thank you:love::love:

:star:My mini contest:star:

Now I m open mini contest and hope you can join :D. Prizes were more at this time cause we have some very lovely donations :hug:

:bulletblack: Theme :bulletblack:
My OC in your Style:heart:

:bulletblack: Rules :bulletblack:

1. Please draw my characters in any style you want or ur style :) (You can draw 1 or more characters are up to you). I really want to see my characters in ur drawing style :XD:.

2. You can find info about my characters here… (If the link doesnt work, please go to my gallery and click on folder "One Battle")

3. You can change their clothes as whatever you want if you dont like them are they r to messy to draw :D. Feel free to do it :love:

4. Your works must be new (it means after today only May 6th)

5. You can enter max to 3 works (but you can win 1 only :heart:)

6. All media are allowed: traditional, digital, cosplay ...etc... except literary (Sorry about that D: but my knowledge about it s horrible)

7. Entry must be made for this contest only and please link this contest in ur description :heart:

8. No Hentai, Yaoi, etc please:hug:.

9. Your Entry must respect Copyrights Laws, dA Policies, Credits Agreements

11. Note me after you finish your entry :D

10. Entries can be viewed here…

11. Entries can be black and white or lineart but they must be clean and finished look, please dont give me the quick messy sketch or something like that please. More focus/ time u put on have more chance to win :XD:

12. Entries must be submit on DA

:bulletblack: Deadline: :bulletblack:

June 20th

:bulletblack: Prizes :bulletblack:

:bulletwhite: First Place :bulletwhite:
-3 months Subscription on DA
-Colors drawing from me
-Journal featuring
-Pixel doll from Lyricanna
-Colored sketch (2 characters) from suzaku009
-Drawing from mangareaderrad
-2 Regular Full bodies coloured traditionally + 2 Traditionally coloured chibis from liento (One character per thing, also can be shipped for free if winner wants the original)
-Full CG body from Nunomi
-Colors art from Artelils
-Colors picture from KitsuneRenaChan
-Full colors with background A4 drawing by Shnekokot (original will be sent to winner)

:bulletwhite: Second place :bulletwhite:
-B/W drawing from me
-Journal featuring
-Colored sketch (1 character) from suzaku009
-Drawing from mangareaderrad
-One traditionally coloured chibi + one full body traditionally coloured from liento (One character per thing, also can be shipped for free if winner wants the original)
-Sketch from Artelils

-B/W drawing from me
-Journal featuring
-Headshot drawing from ManiacSquirrel72
-A5 colors drawing by Shnekokot (original will be sent to winners)

:bulletwhite: Third place</u> :bulletwhite:
-Chibi drawing
-Journal featuring
-Sketch (1 character) from suzaku009
-Drawing from mangareaderrad
-Full body line art and a traditionally coloured chibi from liento (One character per thing, also can be shipped for free if winner wants the original)

-Chibi drawing
-Journal featuring
-Sketch by Shnekokot

-Chibi drawing
-Journal featuring
-Sketch by Shnekokot

-Winners will get high resolution drawing from me to print out:hug:

:bulletyellow:Actually judging is not only base on skills, it also base on concept and how much effects/loves you put on ur art (That's what I love most, I love people who love their art) :D therefore anyone has same chance :XD:
-Sorry for just little prizes >__<"...but again I hope you can join for fun. And I m really appreciate for who want to donate this mini contest of cz:love::heart:...Donations are very welcome:hug::hug:
-Feel free to ask me if you have any question:cuddle:

:bulletred: Thanks to :iconshnekokot::iconkitsunerenachan::iconartelils::iconnunomi::iconmaniacsquirrel72::iconliento::iconsuzaku009::iconlyricanna::iconmangareaderrad: for donating prizes :hug:

Thanks a lot for reading and have a nice day:hug::hug:


And please dont forget to help our artists/friends who really need your help right now</u>

:bulletpink: :icondreamingmyth: is having to raise some money to pay for rent and help her son. Please help her out, you can read her journal here…

:bulletyellow: :iconwhiteknight222: is doing 50 free skteches and now it reaches 29 already ^^...Request him as the way u help him too

:bulletblue: :iconcheckered-fedora: is needed your help now, please check out

:bulletgreen: :iconferisae: & :iconlikovacs: have same really serious problem now and they really need your help...Please come and take a look :(

:bulletyellow: :iconelementsheep: needs your help, please check her out

:bulletred: Our awesome artist :iconkidchan: and fellow artists on DA is opening raffle with so many cool prizes, please join it to help and win cool prizes...More info here…

:bulletblue: "The Snow Leopard Trust ( needs your help!

-They would like to you to sign up for their eNews and have others sign up as well. For every new subscriber, the Kearsley Fund will donate $2 to the Snow Leopard Trust. Their goal is 3000, but they are NOWHERE CLOSE! However, if we all sign up and post this in our journals, we can help donate up to $6000 for snow leopard conservation!
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-Please, sign up today and copy this into your journal to spread the word! With just a little bit of effort, we can make a big difference!

:bulletwhite: :icondisl3xiamaster: He is in trouble and he is making 2$ commission, please read his journal… (if you dont speak Spanish, please use

:bulletblue: :iconholyfox6894: Is going through rough times right now. She's going to have a baby, but her father won't support her, unless she wants to get an abortion -- which is against her morals. Help her out! She's offering commissions to earn money to help support her child. Read on here:…

:bulletred: I really shocked with what happened to :iconmukuro-sama:...Please come and help her if you can :pray:...This world needs more loves and all stupid/ horrible things should get away...Please go here for more info…. I wish a best for u:pray:

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You can make a donation here…. Every dollar counts.

:bulletblue: :iconrhiou: is opening very cheap commission for help her parents, please check out…

:bulletyellow: If you haven't seen/heard about this already, a deviant is in need of help to find his brother who was kidnapped! Ivan gdje si?'pliz check it' by tomislav-moze

My best luck for all of you:heart:

Spread this world please if u can:hug:Thanks & Have a nice day:heart:

:heart:Spotlight Artist:heart:


Give them more love plz cause they r really nice:hug::hug: Thanks again for all of ur lovely gift:smooch:


OC Contest by :iconjen93:
Coloring Contest by :iconlyricanna:
Your fav song/movie by :icontinnu:
Yayu-con Odense Denmark event by :iconjakaru666:
OC's contest of :iconcherlnida:

If u have any contest and want to put here, just note me :)

:heart:Friends who are opening commissions:heart:

(Feel free to tell me if u want to add here)
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pockypaint's avatar
I'm going to enter! I'm working on coloring my entry now. I love Bi, she's such a cute character! ~ :D
pockypaint's avatar
All finished! [link]

Hope you like it! xD
Hellobaby's avatar
SLEEPY-B0NES's avatar
Definitely count me in for the "Draw my OC" contest.
You're characters are all BEAUTIFUL and I can't wait to experiment on them. :D :D :D
Lollypopp's avatar
Comissioooons XD I wanna open for that to o.o but I dont know how to do the money stuffXD payment and so on XD
Hellobaby's avatar
try to use paypal :)
Lollypopp's avatar
okey XD but ... not atm. I'm kinda busy XD thih
Fighter-Pilot-Fox's avatar
For your OC contest, I was thinking about this one [link] but I was wondering, when you say change the clothes around, does that mean I can tone down the outfit's color a bit or that I can change them entirely? I was thinking about a geisha kind of kimono with the fan, but I wanted to make sure it was ok with you before I gave her a wardrobe change ^^;
Hellobaby's avatar
u can change to whatever u want :)
greentomatoes's avatar
i didnt know you were doing art trades!!!
Hellobaby's avatar
I did and everytime I open it, I post on journal :)
greentomatoes's avatar
oops...missed that.... :blushes:
Hellobaby's avatar
:D wait till another :D
Brianne22's avatar
OMG D: Is it OK now ? D: Did you get it back ? *pats*
Hellobaby's avatar
yes, lucky me :D
thanks for caring:hug:
Brianne22's avatar
Tee hee, you are welcome ~
BTW what is your nationality ? 8D -just asking-
ryoko25's avatar
I'm sorry that happened...
Hellobaby's avatar
lucky I get it back
ryoko25's avatar
Yeah, no kidding.
xXflora-chanXx's avatar
hellobaby i was wondering, if u anychance do art trades D: i feel bad asking actual, does alot of people ask u this? if u haven't got the time its ok D//
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