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I truly appreciate it. ( ͒ ˃̣̣̥᷄ x ˂̣̣̥᷅ ू ͒)

:bulletred: Status: Opening :bulletred:

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. All types of commissions are opening now since I have plenty of bills need to pay.

also add bust-up commission &  free creation fee this time if you don't have character references (30$).
So thanks a lot for all friends who are always supporting me (˃̥̥ω˂̥̥̥).

- If you want to commission me, please send me in the note after you read & agree with my commission terms.

- In the note, please send with this form so I can arrange your note easier. Thank you so much for your co-operation :hug:. If you don't use DA, please send me to email to

:bulletblack: Note form :bulletblack:

Title: Commission for (your account name here)
  In the note:
Commission type: (your commission's type here please). Example: 1 b/w with background, 2 colors, 1 colors with background, etc
Character information: References of your character, if you don't have references, then just describe your character but please keep it as short as possible. Thank you so much,
Your email:

Or if you don't have a character and want me to create for you (that is what I usually do too,), then just tell me basic info such as "I want my character is a girl, long black hair, blue eyes, wearing a white dress, etc or even simpler such as - I want you to create for me an OC angle, etc" - and I will do the rest for you. Don't worry ^^


  After you send me a note, please wait for my replying note. If I agree to do your commission, then please send me money to my paypal account and note me back. I will add you to commission list (commission list is only for people who already pay me, sorry but no waiting list since it is hard for me to handle it, my apologize; ___; )

  Please don't send me any money for the commission while you didn't get my confirm note or after you send payment and want to cancel the commission.

 I don't want to get some money in sudden and get the note: "return back my money, I send it in sudden or I don't want to commission anymore". I am sorry but it's quite disturbing. It happened before and when I return the money, I lost my own money because I have to pay for the paypal fee too,
 Yes, please commission me when you do want it only.

And now we back to the main thing ^^, before you want to commission me, please make sure you agree with my terms of commission. Once you send me in the note, I will take that you agree with my commission terms dear. So I really appreciate if you take the time to read my commission terms before decide to commission me, dear friends:

:bulletblack: Commission terms :bulletblack:

- I don't draw porn, hentai, sexual, etc
- Payment: Paypal, Western Union
- I will send you large file 300pdi which can print out as big as a large poster (don't worry about quality)
- I won't send you the original piece. But I won't use your art anywhere, don't worry about it.
   If you want original art, I still can send it for you but the price will be different and very high for it (if you want original works, please note me, so I can send you information for original art dear).
- You can use your commission work for whatever you want such as: use it for yourself (as a tattoo, etc), print for yourself, use it for your website layout, banner, signature, colors it, post it on DA or any website such as facebook, tumbrl, etc (but credit me like it's my commission work from hellobaby, etc so peoples will know you have permission from it dear), etc but just don't use it for commercial purpose. Thank you:hug:.
 - No one else can use your commission to color, repost, etc (just in case you commission me in the very first place to gift it for someone)

- If you want to have a commercial purpose commission, please tell me so I can send you information about commercial purpose dear.

:bulletblack: Price (USD) :bulletblack:

(Note: The character may not have the full body because the paper may not large enough, I draw on A4 size)

  Black & White:

 - 1st character: 75$, 2nd character in the same drawing: 65$. Separate drawing still charges 75$ each.
 - Background: 65$
 None background:  Cat girl
 Background: Let's travel to the past by Hellobaby Let's travel to the past
Moonlight Sonata by Hellobaby Moonlight Sonata (if there is not enough space, I draw the characters with more details so you can understand how my background works)

Bust-up: (no background - 1 character): 50$


 - 1st character: 100$, 2nd character in the same drawing: 90$. Separate drawing still charge 100$ 
 - Background: 90$
 None background  Fuwa Aika
 Background  Just a little more by HellobabyJust a little more

 - If you don't have references for your character, 30$ will be charged as creation fee. Because it will save me a lot of time.
  Small reference (like very tiny and I can't see details clearly), patchy references such as "I want her hair like this, shoes like that, clothes like those, etc" will count as no references. Sorry ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` ).

 Free creation fee this time.

 - Please pay the paypal fee for me, it may not much but it helps me buy tools. Thanks a lot 
 - Once again, please do commission me if you want, please don't ask the money back when you agree already, I give you confirm not and you ask the money back. That's just...
I truly appreciate if you kindly understand that.

- The drawing will take 1 - 1,5 weeks to finish for b/w, 2 - 2,5 weeks for colors (sorry because I can draw at night only, daytime I have to go to work). And please note that will be counted from the time I start your commission, not the time I get your payment (since I have to finish the commission before that first). 
 You can always check the progress list below to know when I will start on your commission dear ʚ♡ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

Commission List
  • :iconzeitvon: 2 b/w + bg (Done - posting soon)
  • :iconfidgeytova: 1 color (3/5)
  • :iconprussiantique: 1 b/w + bg (starting soon)
  • :iconbrynalia: 2 color
  • :iconaltamirage: 1 color
  • :iconnevertoomuchdotsies: 1 bw (red touchs up)
  • :iconzeitvon: 2 color + bg
  • Alejandra (email): 2 color +bg (extra note: smile)
  • Anonymous - OB: 1 color + bg (email - extra note: smile) 
  • Philippe (email): 1 color + bg 
  • :iconsilververse: 1 bust up
  • Raza B - mitralember (email): 1 bust up 
  • :iconprussiantique: 1 b/w + bg 

© 2008 - 2021 Hellobaby
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eris-chaos-goddess's avatar

You are one of my favorite artists ever! I need to save up to commission from you!

Hellobaby's avatar

Thank you so much dear :hug:

Drako-Carrion's avatar

You could probably benefit from getting someone fluent in English to rewrite your T&Cs as this is very difficult to follow. Your work is truly excellent.

Hellobaby's avatar

Thanks a lot for your suggest, I will ask my friend for help

GodessFae's avatar
Ooooh let me know if you continue the bust-up commissions, I have like 3 characters I'd like to get that for
Hellobaby's avatar
It reopens now dear :heart::huggle:, the price is different now since the first 3 slots were testing, please recheck it again just to make sure :hug:
DivviviaOlexiusG's avatar
Oh wow, I never knew these were open! XD, I hope that I'll be able to catch one next time they're open! Your work is so incredible!
Hellobaby's avatar
My b/w commission is opening atm :hug:
Mahasu's avatar
Gonna save up for this! :la:
Hellobaby's avatar
awww :hug: thank dear :hug:
Hand-Sam-Art's avatar
It's amazing how often you open commissions ... and I'm either never financially available or sure of what to ask for.
Hellobaby's avatar
I had closed it for a year already and just reopen it, last time when I opened it, it was 2 years closed before that ^^
Hand-Sam-Art's avatar
Oh yeah ... I may have been thinking of somebody else - oops, sorry Sweating a little... 
Starmade-Shadows's avatar
Last time I looked some of Lucent's were done, is it supposed to be back at 0 or is it because of the journal deleting stuff?
Hellobaby's avatar
I redo it since my mistake, and working on the next one at the same time too, :hug: 
PurpelBlur's avatar
:omg: You have commissions open! :eager: How long will they be open?
I'm afraid I may not have enough money right now, and I certainly would want the original because your work is :omg:.

I am sorry you are having trouble with the CSS and the text. :( Maybe you can go into to find a Draft of it? If I can help, please, let me know. :hug:
Hellobaby's avatar
I may close it end of May or few days after that :hug:
littlecheese's avatar
What are the prices? I keep looking around on what the cost are...
Hellobaby's avatar
HOly crap
Everthing is gone and I dont know why :shock:
Sorry ;A;
I will update it again soon *CRY*
Hand-Sam-Art's avatar
This keeps popping up in my notifications ...
Hellobaby's avatar
Sorry, I don't know what's wrong too, and for no reason, half of this journal is gone ;A;
KiaCollect's avatar
I'm sorry, but are your Black  White commissions still open by any chance? If yes, could I commission a slot?
Hellobaby's avatar
Yes, it's opening for all type of commissions. You can note me what you want dear.
Thank you, :hug:
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