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I wish u all best. All successful will come to you all:smooch:, you r wonderful when u give me ur sweet and very lovely supporting:blowkiss:

Journal style by shatteredplastic with patya scroll bar help & Winyumi firefox help. Thanks ^3^

I want to tell you all something:hug:, with peoples who want to help me before and still in waiting list, if you don't want commission me now then you can ask me to remove your name in the list. I won't upset cause before you want to help me and now everything is fine so it's easy to understand if you don't want to be in the list anymore:kiss: (I still love you tho).
Another thing is because few peoples recommend me so my commissions will have different prices now and because I don't help my mom so I will have time to work more on it :). You can see in my recent commissions, I touched some colors in it & also draw background too, so I think you don't mind if I add a bit more price:hug:.

:bulletblack:Before B/W commission is 27$ & it will be 30$ now (3$ higher & it will help artist buy more colors, pencil, etc :meow:). 25$ for every added character :heart:.

:bulletblack:Colors commission is 45$ before & it will be 50$ now (5$ higher). 45$ for every added character:heart:.

:bulletblack:You also won't need to pay Paypal fee this time (before with paypal fee, the price is also same as now so actually it doesnt change much :meow:), if you send payment as gift then it won't charge for paypal fee (Thank oliko for telling me that:blowkiss:).

Thanks a lot for who interested at my art:hug::hug:...Special thanks for who helped me before to get my sister birthday gift :love::love:

:bulletblack:Black and white (have shading): 27$ per character + 20$ for second character in that drawing too. :)

:bulletred:Character: 45$ for 1 colors character, background (ps) free added :)

:bulletwhite: all prices were set in US dollars

:bulletblack: I will send you the large file 300 pdi after I finished my commission :). You can use my commission work for your personal purposes (as website banner, print it for urself, give it for ur friend, etc) except use it for commercial purposes

Note me if u are interested:hug: Thanks so much:hug:
Payment please send to my paypal : those prices havent included paypal fee, please use this to know how much you need to send me…:

Thanks so much:hug::hug:
Take care,:heart:


And please dont forget to help our artists/friends who really need your help right now

:bulletblack: Our awesome artist :iconhakubaikou: passed away because of a car accident.
Please take your time to leave a respectful message and farewell on her page.

:bulletwhite: :icondisl3xiamaster: He is in trouble and he is making 2$ commission, please read his journal… (if you dont speak Spanish, please use

:bulletblue: :iconholyfox6894: Is going through rough times right now. She's going to have a baby, but her father won't support her, unless she wants to get an abortion -- which is against her morals. Help her out! She's offering commissions to earn money to help support her child. Read on here:…

:bulletpink: I wish :iconjunkbyjen: everything best cause she is fighting with her breast cancer now, show her ur love please...It doesnt take you much time but that is power for her:heart:. Thank you

:bulletred: I really shocked with what happened to :iconmukuro-sama:...Please come and help her if you can :pray:...This world needs more loves and all stupid/ horrible things should get away...Please go here for more info…. I wish a best for u:pray:

:bulletblack: In Australia, the state of Victoria is being ravaged by bushfires. At present, there have been over 500 injuries and 181 fatalities, with the death toll expected to rise to 300, according to police reports. The fire has also destroyed over 1,000 homes, destroying entire lives. If you assume that on average, four people live together in a house, over 4,000 people have been left homeless by these fires so far. The Red Cross desperately needs money, not only to help these people, but also to help the hundreds that have been hospitalised, to help rescue people trapped by the fires and, perhaps most importantly, to help put out the fires themselves.

You can make a donation here…. Every dollar counts.

:bulletgreen:I pray all best for amazing :iconpixeltease: gets well soon... DA needs talented as here (Her husband blog:…)

:bulletblue: :iconrhiou: is opening very cheap commission for help her parents, please check out…

:bulletyellow: If you haven't seen/heard about this already, a deviant is in need of help to find his brother who was kidnapped! Ivan gdje si?'pliz check it' by tomislav-moze

My best luck for all of you:heart:

Spread this world please if u can:hug:Thanks & Have a nice day:heart:

:heart:Spotlight Artist:heart:

Please come and check this super amazing artist. His works are Traditional artworks, not digitals or photos...Cant you image that????? SUPER AMAZING:faint:



Lovely Gifts of all Sweet Friends gave me + Colouring of my OC + Collab with me:hug::hug:

Thanks a lot:smooch::glomp:

half of Carlot -Reflection- by LanWu:iconlanwu: Carlot -Reflection- by LanWu:iconlanwu::iconnessapalmer: Chally by meago:iconmeago::thumb112820949::iconcorolla-chan:

Mature Content

Melted Pink Chocolate Goddess by AdigunPolack
:iconadigunpolack: Into the Woods by MeliWallisdottir:iconmeliwallisdottir::thumb110295975::iconha2693: Hellay by Tania-S:icontania-s: Gift for hellobaby by Sweet-Amai:iconsweet-amai: Serene for hellobaby by junkauge:iconjunkauge: 6 free sketches by eromenos:iconeromenos::thumb107565122::iconmaril1::thumb107339169::iconarakunae: Secre Santa hellobaby by paper-hero:iconpaper-hero::thumb107156121::iconwinza156: Red Bridge by lovered-lovegreen:iconlovered-lovegreen: The blue winter by yaichino:iconyaichino: Request 06 -Path2 by hmongt:iconhmongt::thumb105484845::iconlegends-stock: +Hellay+ by Red-Priest-Usada:iconred-priest-usada: Climbing down to hell by Otaka-Ayano:iconotaka-ayano::thumb103395047::iconmisi-chan::thumb103025081::iconclaudiaconstantino: Bushido color by VK-oelala:iconvk-oelala::thumb102570886::iconeternal-s::iconelloi::iconmeago::thumb102587022::iconclaparo-sans::thumb102279752::iconblackdelphin: We did choose the right way by VK-oelala:iconvk-oelala::thumb101795414::iconclaparo-sans::thumb101739473::iconalbi777::thumb101644707::iconalbi777::thumb101357832::iconalbi777: Hellay by lires:iconlires: Black and red by Otaka-Ayano:iconotaka-ayano::thumb99849842::iconsizerlyxdxthh: Art Trade: Carlot by Nacrym:iconnacrym::iconhayakatsu: .: Spotlight :. by Tajii-chan:icontajii-chan: Carlot - Art Trade by AmandaTurnage:iconamandaturnage::iconthali-n::iconlemoncookies: Gion District - Red Umbrella by yuuki-ri:iconyuuki-ri: 1.carlot by g0th3g1gg13s:icong0th3g1gg13s: .::Surprise for Hellobaby::. by AngelMiyoko:iconangelmiyoko: collab - sunny day by lishtar:iconlishtar: Hellobaby's-spotlight girl by dollmaker88:icondollmaker88: :: Hellay :: by baroquegothik:iconbaroquegothik: Water Lilies by yuuki-ri:iconyuuki-ri: Unique by chuibar:iconchuibar::thumb89395352::iconamoyastudio::thumb89300544::iconnad-papertiger::iconlilblkrose: Facetious by fog-mire:iconfog-mire: Gift for HellobabyStay forever in
Earth and DeviantART for our
Sake and happiness.
Estate siempre en la Tierra y en DeviantART para nuestro bien y felicidad.
:iconrockmanneoexceedzero: Happy Birthday Hellobaby by HollowFlames:iconhollowflames::iconsomnolentimages::thumb88822555::iconmrscullen::thumb88783796::iconsarah-hime: birthday present. by sp00kish:iconsp00kish::thumb88349351::iconepikhighgal18: Threading the Needle WIP3 by youkobutt:iconyoukobutt: Avatar - hellobaby by Domie1337:icondomie1337: Faerie Lights, for HelloBaby by AuronTheUnsent:iconaurontheunsent: Happy belated B-day to Amy XD by ZenithOmocha:iconzenithomocha: A lovely art :icongodandhell::thumb80584651::iconxaifin: .kiriban 5.000 for HelloBaby. by ethlinne:iconethlinne::iconsomnolentimages: kiriban 3.333 by MadziaVelMadzik:iconmadziavelmadzik: hellobaby stamp by Sammykaye1sStamps:iconsammykaye1sstamps: hellobaby avatar by Sammykaye1sStamps:iconsammykaye1sstamps: Tracy_2 by Lunalay:iconlunalay: Pegasus for Hellobaby by ElkStarRanchArtwork:iconelkstarranchartwork:
And also very lovely gift from :iconlorivintage55: but it was in her old account which s banned so I cant find the image (tell me if u have it now:hug: Thanks)
Did I miss anyone?If yes, plz tell me cause I have very bad memory:no:

Give them more love plz cause they r really nice:hug::hug: Thanks again for all of ur lovely gift:smooch:


Lori Vintage Contest of LoriVintage55
Yayu-con Odense Denmark event by Jakaru666
OC's contest of CherlnIDA

If u have any contest and want to put here, just note me :)

:heart:Friends who are opening commissions:heart:

(Feel free to tell me if u want to add here)
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dragonlily29's avatar
What's ur prices?
bemota's avatar
if i comish you... can i have the drawing physically?
just wondering...
YkCandy's avatar
I would like to ask seeing as I didn't spot it, but can we pay extra to have the original sent to us? I'd like it to be a present for my mother.
healingwind's avatar
Hello! Are you still doing commissions, because I would love to request one :>
Hellobaby's avatar
if you interested in commission then please note me:hug:
Hey there! I was wondering if you are still doing commissions because I would like to have one done if possible.
Hellobaby's avatar
Clad95150's avatar
*Note hellobaby* (I don't know other way to note somebody ;_;)
I would like to have a commission, please :)

it's the first time I ever do that, (and tried to do that) so, can you help me for the differents step ? x)

(can I demand a particuliar character ? And after that, it's all ?)

Thanks for help me :)
Xaifin's avatar
T_T I wish I had the money to hire you, i'd so get you to draw one of my chars -sigh- maybe in the future
iROCKthouSUCK's avatar
I want art trade!!! please tell me when your open okay? It's urgent....>.<
AkuNoKarisuma's avatar
oh! could you give info about my contest? [link]
he he he if you have some time i want invite you to arttrade :hug:
I-must-b-dreaming's avatar
Have you closed the requests yet?
Or can I still do a quick request?
Hellobaby's avatar
I dont do request ^^
I-must-b-dreaming's avatar
Oh, alright. ^^
My bad.
Really enjoy your art! When you do a commission can you do it off of a photograph of someone? Thanks :D
Hellobaby's avatar
Sm1tZ's avatar
do you send the original work?
Hellobaby's avatar
no more already cause the shipping fee in my country is so high, sorry :(
stellykazz's avatar
hmm, what if we were willing to pay shipping? i would gladly pay in order to have something so beautiful on my wall. you should make that an option, it might help you with commissions. i know that i personally wouldnt want to pay for artwork i can't physically touch...but maybe it's just me? eh, try it out, what have you got to lose?
Hellobaby's avatar
I will tell u in note :)
Sm1tZ's avatar
that's understandable :)
LarkSprite's avatar
XDD One day, I WILL commission you..
I need to save up moneh..o.e
Hellobaby's avatar
:hug:thanks so much dear :heart::cuddle::iconbackhug:
LarkSprite's avatar
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