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Zodiac - Scorpio

Edit: Seems the old version was too dark therefore I upload a lighter version:hug:. Hope it looks better now.

-Scorpio in Zodiac series :icontardyayplz:. Special for peoples who was born under this star:love:.
-This was drawing with my feeling so it may come out doesn't like what you think Scorpio supposes to be. Please just get over that =P...I use strong colors cause Scorpio makes me think about something strong and personal, I love real scorpions :XD: (though I never dare to touch them:giggle:).
Sorry if it burns your eyes :|

-Life is busy these days and I just can't online much so please forgive if I don't reply your notes/comments.
It's a work while breaking time, *back to commission now*.

Tool: Faber Castell classic colors pencil + PS touching
-If you want to know more then go here FAQ. Please read before asking. Thanks :hug:

Other works from Zodiac series:


:bulletwhite: Whole Series

:bulletyellow:Zodiac Calendar

Have a great day and thank you for your sweet supporting:iconlovelaplz:. Love you all:blowkiss:

Btw, I find out some crazy funny emoticons today and couldn't help to share them with you :rofl::lmao:
Now, I hope it makes your smile day:icontardyayplz::giggle:.
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Enthropic-Harmony's avatar
Very colorful and thought provoking!!
ZMastah94's avatar
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Hannah-Hall's avatar
This is my star sign! And it's my favorite out of them all!
mikalover139's avatar
Neato, I like the coloring.
Blue-marin's avatar
Heart - Free Heart - Free Heart - Free  Beautiful
NightShadowHeart's avatar
this one is freaking unique!!!!! I love it very much.
CyanideDrop's avatar
A real scorpio approvesHaruhi Suzumiya Emote - Thumbs Up  Looks pretty Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Lovely Mode) [V6] 
MetalheadGirly's avatar
So cool, im a scorpio myself :3
hannahstein's avatar
this is really cool. :)
AmetrineAngel's avatar
I love it! :)
Scorpio is actualy my sign.
and if you don't mind me asking ....What's your's?
I might actualy be drawing some zodiac pictures myself.
if you tell me I will let you know when I have it up.
nimraaijaz's avatar
Wow love used dark and vibrant colors for scorpio and that's perfect- we are dark, strong and deep beings! ;)
JanetUnknown's avatar
This is why I love being me and being a Scorpio
ozeichi's avatar

I love it to the highest point !! ~
Reika16's avatar
I really like how you used such warm colors for this one :3
livholland's avatar
I love the strong, vibrant colours in this one :)
miyuyamano666's avatar
Haha XD
My zodiac is a SCORPIO :iconyaylove::iconhehelove::iconrelaxlove:
Nyuukatsumi's avatar
This is amazing! I really wish I could draw the way you do. How much practise did it take or does it come naturally to you?
Hellobaby's avatar
Sorry for super late replying but thanks a lot dear ;A;
It takes time to practice :hug:
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