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Whisper of Earth

I am trying to listen the whisper of mother Earth.
I just can hear sound of her tears...

Can you hear our Earth is crying? Let's save it by any way you can dear, before it's too late :rose:.
Well, I am sure you all heard a lot of our Earth is hotter than past 2000 years so I won't say much about it. Time for acting, not talking only then :heart:,

:bulletgreen:100 ways to save Environment


I use brown for this concept because when the Earth doesn't have much green, I only see brown. And I use mostly quite/gray which looks more plain than other works (cause I shading this one less than other) cause I want to make cold & empty atmosphere here (:. I hope they work.

- This one is Brown in my 'Colors Series' work:huggle:. Hope you all like it :meow:

Tools: Mechanical pencil + Faber Castel classic colors pencil + credit: cloud of ~JavierZhX. And more info can be found here: FAQ. Please take a bit of your time to read before asking cause you may get your questions in it. That will save your time and mine. Thanks:tighthug:

Have a nice day & thanks a lot for everyone who are keeping supporting me:happycry::hug::kiss::hug:

-Another works from Colors series:
Green - Blue: - Yellow: - Brown: - Red: - Orange: - Rainbow: - Purple:
And for more & complete series can be found here:…
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Your art is amazing! =D
Reraartist's avatar
So tender colors! From this series this is my favorite! I really love it! *o*
SimplyCookie's avatar
Your work has so much motion and expression - I love it :) And the simplicity of focusing on the one colour just makes the image speak volumes. Beautiful, both in execution and meaning.
FlygirlSpiritwarrior's avatar
This is great! Could I use it for my fanfic account?
roula33's avatar
your wonderful work!!!!
AmiDiaz's avatar
Seriously. You are awesome.
delilah1618's avatar
the softness and the fluidity which emerge from your drawings are impressive. I love it. (I know that you receive comments like theese all the day, sorry)
QueenCarmilla's avatar
I want to make this the center piece of my group "Sages of mother gaia" It's a new group dedicated to save the earth at any costs.
luckyducky1402's avatar
on the idea side, i love it most, so creative, so nice ^^
tsitra00's avatar
How peaceful...
Tasha8976's avatar
Silvera-Rain-Gray's avatar
I LOVE your work!! ;3
TohruTatiteshi's avatar
I love the atmosphere and the thought behind it. I see her not listening to Earth, but sleeping, and dreaming. It's amazing picture (and all of your pictures are great!)
Regularsonicfan's avatar
kora155's avatar
I LOVE your work, it is just wonderfull !! :)
MashiroYuna's avatar
OMG! so beautiful!
vkonzack's avatar
LiyuJishin's avatar
You are an amazing artist. I love every piece you create.
virgogirl5's avatar
She so beautiful : )
georgexu94's avatar
Loving all the series!
Erm, is it me or does her hair form the letter B? U know, for brown :D
jhonatanjara's avatar
theheek's avatar
you would be a good illustrator for books
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