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- I remember last time I typed wrong tittle on Aries to Taurus and now finally Taurus (yeah, not wrong this time :XD:) :hug:. Well, I dont know how to draw bull (Edit: sorry but typo) :paranoid:
- Special for whoever was born under this Taurus sign:smooch:. I don't know why but this sign reminds me about the sun :meow:.

- Also, as I (usually) told on other works of zodiac/comments, I draw them when I have time so please stop sending me note to asking me where is the rest of this series. I promise I will draw when I have time so please don't ask that anymore:tighthug:.
Sorry if I draw Zodiac doesn't like your image or any info you read on book. I draw it on my way cause I enjoy & want it so please get over it:heart:.

Edit: I try to submit print but it doesn't work. Don't know why...I will try it tmr when I back to my home. I am packing now:XD::icontardyayplz:.

Tool: Faber Castell classic colors pencil + PS touching
-If you want to know more then go here FAQ. Please read before asking :hug:

Other works from Zodiac series:


:bulletwhite: Whole Series

:bulletyellow:Zodiac Calendar

Have a wonderful day and thank you for all wonderful supporting:iconlovelaplz:.
Take care my lovely DA friends:kiss:

Commission is opening, note me/email me if you are interested.
Thank you:cuddle:
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Another make as cute as Aleaceus''oh god sew me.There's another...*rubs forehead*copyca.t...

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What a wonderful level of detail~! The hair is so beautiful~!
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I wanted to ask your permission to use your zodiac artwork along with others artwork in sets of personalized zodiac and astrologic books I am making. Also if I receive your permission is your deviantart which I should credit or would you prefer something else? Thank you for your time and the beautiful artwork.
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wonderful work :) As a person born under such sign, I can appreciate the peaceful nature of this art. Especially like the detail work you put on the eyes
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Really wonderful colours. I'm a taurus, and I feel like the moody/ruffy image that this zodiac has is kind of unfairly given just because it has the symbol of a bul. Taurus are stubborn but also elegant and graceful and compassionate.
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This is amazing! Artwork like this makes me love being a Taurus.
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I'm Taurus! This is beautiful! <3
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this is so beautiful!
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It's look amazing. The color i really unique.
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Yay! I'm a taurus! It is lovely!
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It's so beautiful, I love it ! Girl & goat amazing ^^
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i can finally say i'm a proud taurus ^o^ most photos are just ugly male bulls. but this is so pretty! : D
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i am going to add All of your work to my favs!
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i am going to add ALL of your art to my favourites!
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I am a taurus and its nice to finally find art that actually portrays it as beautiful.
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>< I'm a taurus and I think this is so beautiful! And the planet for taurus is Venus, which is the first 'star' visible when the sun sets. It's also an earth-sign, and it's kinda special because it's a feminine sign, but it's symbol is male.
...Sorry, I am rambling XD I love the zodiac, and your series is so breath-taking.
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WOOWWW So good!!!! I love this!!!!!! I'm born as Taurus and that I love how you drew it!!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!! Your so great in drawing!!!!! we use same coloring materials and I really look up on how you do it, makes me more in love with the pencils and I want to become as good as you!!!! SO GREAT~!
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WOW!! Beauty beauty!
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