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Shadow and Light Twins


A color commission for an Anonymous commissioner for her doll characters. They are bjd dolls are they are super pretty. I was really enjoy while draw them.

 Thanks a lot for your kindly support ʚ♡ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁) Heart.

- Tool: All information about my tool, works, inspires, etc can be found here please FAQ. Dear friends, please read before you have any questions about my tools, etc ... I am sure you will find your needed answers there. I am sorry but I won't re-answer same questions which already have in FAQ then. Many thanks for understanding :hug:.

Long Hair Lady by Hellobaby Madame Blue by Hellobaby Painting a green world by Hellobaby Flame Angel by Hellobaby Devil and Jester by Hellobaby My dear, don't be afraid of me by Hellobaby
------------------------------------------  (*’∀’人)♥ 

Have a great & bright day :sun::rose:
Thanks for always supporting, watching, commenting, helping me :love::glomp:.
Take care :heart:,
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It's so colourful and so light at the same time, lovely style
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I believe that posting the alternate sites link over your image breaks DA's TOS, please don't do that.
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Or not ppl will steal my art so I need to add watermarks there, sorry about that :(
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Adding a watermark isn't a problem, but I think the TOS says you cannot post other site links on your images.
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Yeah you can as long as it's not an entry for any contests
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Ok, then perhaps they changed it, because I know people who were posting promo photos for their online shops who had all their photos removed and were banned from posting because the photos used a site link to their corporate site as a watermark just a year or so ago. I'm not trying to troll you, I just don't want you to run into trouble.
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Thank you, I understand that you want to help me and I am truly appreciate :hug: 
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Well, just be safe and keep making beautiful art. :)
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At first I thought the eyes looked a little off, but they make sense because of what these girls are. Dolls. That is a really nice little detail you added =)

The amount of hard work and effort into just the number of lines in this drawing is amazing. You did a great job with their outfits and the coloring is really well done ^^
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That's really cool that these are based off of BJDs! They're absolutely beautiful~ Excellent work! :D
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Gorgeous twins, and beautiful color work of the veiled textstiles! Love this one! :love:
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Super Awesome stuff man!
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Colourful and detailed!
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So beautiful! I love how they contrast one another!
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omggg the details thoo o.o
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Now do chocolate & vanilla =^.^=
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Can't decide if I like dark or light.
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