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Reborn in a new personality

:bulletorange: It's never too late to return.
And it's never too be reborn

What's I mean for orange is the color of red (energy) and yellow (joyful) mixed. It presents for joyful, sunshine, etc therefore I use it with this idea.
Anyone of us who has never made a mistake in life? Yeah, just learn a lesson from it and stay strong again dear. It's not about what we get from mistakes, it about what we learn from it:heart:.
Stay strong and moving forward :rose:.

- She is reborn from her old/ugly "shell" to becomes a better person (for who is wondering what it means :))

- Orange in the Colors Series of mine.
Green - Blue: - Yellow: - Brown: - Red: - Orange: - Rainbow: - Purple:
And for more & complete series can be found here:…

Tools: All information & questions (with answers) can be found here please: FAQ. Sorry but I won't answer any questions which already have in f.a.q.
Hope you understand it. Thank you:hug:.
Credit: Cloud from ~JavierZhX.Thanks:cuddle:.

Thank you so much for wonderful supporting all dear friends:tighthug:. Have a great day with full of love & joyful:hug::hug:.
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"It's never too late to return. And it's never too be reborn."

You don´t know how you are touching me with this wonderful picture and words. I was crying because it´is indeed what I try to do and work for it since i woke up from a 15 years deep abyss by forgotten my self.

Thank you very much for this colore-feeling-series and all your beautiful art, which unfortunately I have only found first today. GHOST HEART 
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I love your work!Bautiful color and Interesing view of the world.
Arisgow's avatar
omg you are so talented!! I love your character... unique art!!
Selenic1767's avatar
I love this! I'm going through something similar so it makes connect.
Kanara102's avatar
love the use of color, incredible.
scorpiokym's avatar
These are all amazing! Fantastic work!
Thanks for all this love ! :D (Big Grin) 
myfriendlovessasuke's avatar
I wish this one were a print, I'm completely in love with it, the colors and the message.
syckandtwysted's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous~~~
alessandra2000's avatar
Oh my god so beautful and awesome art!!!!:clap: ... you're very incredible artist!!!:)
MyPoeticReality's avatar
Wow, this is so beautiful <3
juju60983cameo's avatar
juju60983cameo's avatar
I never would have thought of an idea like!
LOVE you work!!!! AMAZING!!!
GirlySue23's avatar
Oh cool! I like it a lot!
strateg1st's avatar
Wow ! Amazing !
silverstar0210's avatar
If I ever tried to draw like that, I'd fail epicly.
This is amazing! I love your art style! I hope you can get really far in life with your art!
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WOWW ! ~

this is so epic !!
yoohaeson's avatar
this might be weird but would you mind if i got this as a tattoo?
Hellobaby's avatar
Sure you can dear, just please show me the photo when you done it cause I would love to see it :hug:
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