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Please dont take my dream away

Please don't take my dream away because when I lost all my dream, it means I lost everything.
My dream holds me stand up when I am in darkness abyss.

Just keep dreaming, hoping and moving forward. You only can do it when you believe you & yourself can.
Never give up even though you are maybe in the darkness time dear:heart:.


- Actually I want to type "Don't" instead of "Dont" in title but there is not enough place for me to type it therefore I need to skip it :ohnoes:.

- Honestly I don't satisfied with this work cause the girl somehow off for me, I am not sure but maybe I will redo it in future?
- Anyway, it's one of an artworks in Colors series.
This work is not focus on 1 color only but mix. I think this series will going to finish soon.

- Tools: Colors pencil, pencil, etc... All information & questions can be found here please: FAQ. Sorry but I won't answer any questions which already have in FAQ. Lately I get quite notes asking about my tools but all were answered there so again, please read it before you ask me:rose:.
Hope you understand it. Thank you:hug:.
Credit: Cloud from ~JavierZhX. Thanks:cuddle:.

- Sorry if I can't reply your notes/comments atm cause my real life is killing me with works :XD:.
Thanks for always supporting me:happycry:.
Have a great day:love:.
Take care:tighthug:,

Green - Blue: - Yellow: - Brown: - Red: - Orange: - Rainbow: - Purple:
And for more & complete series can be found here:…


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This one touches me next to "orange-reborn" the most!!! It is so wonderful and amazing and calls out of my soul to catch my dreams again and live them, so that I can "reborn" myself.

Thank you for being so awesome and your beautiful art! Pixel: Rainbow Heart 
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Favorite love this
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This is so cool! You should offer it as a print like the others :)
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Omg gorgeous!!! What art style is this
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This is my favorite piece of your work. I love it! Of course it's all really good.
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I love every single piece in your colours series! Too good! >.<
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Stunning art and beautiful message!! Thank you for this!! :)
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i really like this. it looks so cool.
fukikosyusuke16's avatar
I really love the way you draw these.. I'm one of your fans now..
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love love love love love i love this so much
rainbowneos16's avatar
very pretty!!! I love the colors you use!!!
Magnus-Bane-SPARKLES's avatar
this is so gorgeous i'm in love
Honestly, I think the girl is drawn clumsyly : ]
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I really love this peice! Its so beautiful! I really like your style of art. Bravo!
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You have been featured here: [link] :aww:
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I think my dream has already been taken away from me...
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This is absolutely great! This I love the most till now...
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