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Edit: I add a little background to make it same with Aquarius :kiss:
And also for few peoples who didnt get it :). The reason why I only draw 1 fish (it supports to be 2) because she is a another fish :giggle:

This s Pisces in Zodiac :) and this s one of my favorite works:hug: so I hope u like it too,:hug::smooch::heart:
:bulletwhite: :blowkiss: to peoples who are Pisces

Other works from Zodiac series:


:bulletwhite: Whole Series

:bulletyellow:Zodiac Calendar

Have a nice day:sun::heart::sun:
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So beautiful :) I love you how delicately portrayed the innocence of my sign.
GamergirlNS's avatar
Is that watercolor?! She looks so cute; pondering the world.
NakayamaAndThomas's avatar
I love how the hood looks like another fish's tail ad then her hair and the rest of the robe curve to make the head! I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't said she was the second fish, though. Oh my, it's so beautiful!
Candy-Meow's avatar
Beautiful pattern~  Looks so elegant and gentle :iconkawaiipinkukokoroplz:
Vanna1994's avatar
This is great! The style is awesome and the color is beautiful! The reds just make it stand out so much :D

Pisces are awesome >u<
LindArtz's avatar
My sign, love it! :D :clap:!!
Leeluekarina's avatar
Quelle beauté, quelle magie, fantastique !!!
NightShadowHeart's avatar
It's so beautiful. I like all of it. The color is very unique.
Gossamer1357's avatar
This is absolutely amazingly beautiful! The detail and the swirls on the robe make the drawing so majestic and magical. The whole drawing is so vividly colorful  and I love the fact that you put gradual white spaces in because it accentuates and draws attention to the colors more. The fish in the background is also beautiful and and you drew the tail and fins so fluidly it actually looks as if he is swimming in water! The zodiac is one of my favorite things to see personified and you did an absolutely sunning job with pieces. I can clearly see the element of water in this piece since pieces is a water sign and you put the fluidity in the drawing very well. Amazing job here! :)
Blank98's avatar
Oh wow....this is beautiful!! I'm a Pisces ^.^
tsitra00's avatar
Beautiful, she seems a bit coy...pun intended.
Smileani's avatar
im pisces and i must say i love it very much :D
BlackEnix05's avatar

I'm actually a PISCES..

You rock!
vientogrey's avatar
cool art,btw,i'm pisces
SLAM-SAMA's avatar
Can I marry your drawing?
Lesbian Marriage is legal where I live.
shadowjac's avatar
I LOVE THIS!!! :omfg:
ShinHyeHwang's avatar
I love the way you use your colors!
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KazukiShinta's avatar
watercolor???what brand??color pencil??? i really like this one^^ but im a cancer ^^...fave it^^
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