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Libra from Zodiac series :heart:.
:paranoid:I drew 2 skulls there but I wont explain cause I don't want:evillaugh:.
Skull...skull...skull....:paranoid:Well, ignore my mood now:| or you may get infection :evillaugh:.
Just kidding, not enough sleep drives me crazy so I m going off now :XD:.

It's my fav work from this series after I draw it so I hope you like it too,:hug:
Special for peoples who are under Libra sign :meow:.

Tools: All questions are here FAQ. Please read before ask so it will save your and my time. :hug:

Have a nice day & wish you all best:kiss:.

Other works from Zodiac series:


:bulletwhite: Whole Series

:bulletyellow:Zodiac Calendar
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This is really beautiful, I love the items mixed up in her hair :D
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Wonderfull work. It just makes me happy to look atLove
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this work is amazing!
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It's like me inner spirit animal...the detail is absolutely fantastic! The colors are so bright and shiny!♡_♡ it reminds me a lot of Halloween with the skulls and witch hat! Good job!
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This..Is flawless in my opinion how u came with such a design for Libra i have no idea. But just..Amazing, Continue i wanna see more of your work. 

Watching now.

Just Amazing, Glad i looked Libra up.
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So beautiful, love it :love: Love +favlove 
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I love the skulls and the colors very much.
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Proud to be libra :D this is just so beautiful.
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This makes me really proud to be a libra! The work is beautiful.
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Proud of being a Libra :D
This amazing work is my favourite too ^^
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I'm so proud to be a Libra!!!! This is absolutely beautiful!!!!
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 yo soy este signo
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Makes me proud to be a Libra. :D
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I completely agree. XD
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I'm a Libra. This is awesome.
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Your works are always so beautiful, in a relentless detail, softened by your put in colors, but what I love most, in this series (especially in this sign there, mine) is the anamorphic touches, you transposed into your creations is really interesting

“Skull...skull...skull....Well, ignore my mood now ”,,, no I cant ( and I won't) sorry! :D

Regarding the skulls, it's not a bad thing, it is the misinterpretation that conferred on it, which is spiny ^ ^( eg: like snakes, in Celtic culture, is a representative of the renewal of the perpetual rebirth (molt)...and this is what is frowned upon in the Catholic for example lol (in the kind "regeneration" and "renascence " that was too much in competition with Jesus xD)

For skulls,globally, it certainly represents finiteness, (pretty clever thing, this is what makes life precious, and reminds others of no?) but In a drawing (or sculpture) is a symbol of wisdom, especially if it is joined to a character) and in some cultures, dead or still alive, it is a sacred symbol, and not "mephitic" bad stuff

Also in combination
The balance as you known, is an air sign, and “air” is mobility, lightness, freedom altruism and renewal
I seem to see a dog skull (my other sign, chinese xD) is also very good sign, if you know the correct interpretation
HB, do not lose this habit of telling us what is in your heart, consciously or not, put in full of allegories out of your imagination that is often closer to reality, (souls don't lie) than what we allow to appear
"I read" your drawings more often than I do "look"him; and what I see there; is an extra sensitive person, kindness and incredible generosity, finding equal on his own talent

“Tortured”?...Yeah,”I hope for you”, I mean, it is the sap of the art, the very essence of creation (silent cries and color's tears) the worst thing that could happen to you, would be a b*tchy burn your portfolio's drawing, and the few remaining becomes the subject of plagiarism , then... it is as if you are tearing your life, your story...and your soul, any desire to create disappears with it, like trust you wore in the human race, supposed to be the ones you have to guide in good dog you were,,,In this case, you become worse than ghost, so, please Baby, “still alive” for me ;)

Sorry for this long comment, but I just read your lost, in your last work, and that make my really sad for you, no, you're not "sully" as you said, just a emotive confused...all your charm ^^

Take care of you HB baby, its gonna be a great year (under the Water's "snake" :D)
Respectfully your
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libra~!!!! this is my fav~!!!!
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gorgeous, as usual. :)
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Lovely work~ <33
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beautiful detailed work
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