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I will be by your side

Bring my works back slowly. Sorry but I cant bring all of them but I will try to bring some of my fav works.
Watermark is added, sorry if it's bother you.

I will be your side, even it's hell.
I will protect you, even it's pain...
I just image what Haru will say to Kanna when I get this commission, please ignore it :XD:.

- Yes, it's color with background commission of amazing :iconlinaket::iconlinaket::iconlinaket::iconlinaket: again. I love her characters and I seriously enjoy to work on them more and more after all.
I like to draw them and image how story between them by image after inspired by the great story Lifrasir Wars which ~linaket gave me :love:.
I was using rose of tears/blood here to present the darkness/sadness past/memory of Kanna then :rose:, that why those roses just look like tears but red.

- This drawing was based on ~linaket's concept. She wants me to draw them together in Dark world. Though it's a Dark world but when Kanna & Haru are together, the world is completed.
"I thought the black and white would be interesting when they were apart because it shows how they feel kind of 'empty' without each other. Then when they are together the world is complete, no matter what world it is." Quote from ~linaket. I was inspired by this quote of her so I think I should share here =P.

- Another fanart of her Lifrasir Wars (well, you should read it if you have time dear. Every commission of mine was based on part of her story :meow:; and another side, it's a good story to check out :rose:)

- Tools: Colors pencil & more info here please FAQ. Please read them before asking cause you may get your questions in it. That will save your time and mine. Thanks:tighthug:

- Thanks a lot for taking time on my works. I am truly appreciate :huggle::tighthug:
Take care,
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this is absolutely beautiful!
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wow. really colorfulLa la la la :D (Big Grin) 
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So feeling! <3
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This is simply amazing! I love your style! How can you have enough patience to draw something like that with so many details?
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woooow! there's so much work in this! *o*
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the detail is exquisite marvelous Love  
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The detail in your art is gorgeous!!
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really beautiful
Lovely colors !
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Amazing!!!! I love your drawings!!!! *___*
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The girl in the top left, at first I was like 'why does her arm look weird' and then I realized it was a I think deer but may be wrong at what animal it is (: very cool and once again in awe at all the details I just want to hold up a magnifying glass to it to see all of them! (my glasses aren't exactly the right prescription anymore xD)
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All the colors, everything that's in this picture, and how beautifully drawn this is!!!!!
YOU GOT SKILLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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havnt been on in a wile but i forgot how amazimg you are n_n

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this is so gorgeous :3 <3 i love it
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amazing details :D another masterpiece
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So beautiful! :la:
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So Beautiful. I really love the detailsPervy Blossom 
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You know, I doubt I got to see all of your works so this one looks new to me..... THE BEAUTIFUL EPICNESS!!!!!!!! IT ENTHRALLS!!!! ;w;


just had to do that :D <3
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Ohmygawd the detailsssssss :D 
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