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- For sweet and awesome :iconleopard099::iconleopard099::iconleopard099::iconleopard099:. He is her favorite character from the movie Howl's Moving Castle (well, actually I like him too, :XD:).

- Sorry for didn't keep original colors of his coat but I want to change it to my style then :XD:.
Hope you like it dear.

Do you see the face under his wing? :D I draw him when he transforms from evil to human then =P. I hope I remember right since I watched this long time ago already :XD:.

Another drawing for her:

- Tool: All information about my tool can be found here please FAQ. Dear friends, please read before you have any questions about my tools, etc ... I am sure you will find your needed answers there. If not? Please give me questions in that FAQ please. Many thanks :tighthug:.
Credit: Pixiv

- Thanks a lot for always supporting me :huggle::happycry:.
Have a great weekend :love:
Take care :happybounce:,

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I cannot stop staring at this. It is AMAZING. :happybounce: 
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Just beautiful!!
Your work is amazing! Clap 
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This is AWESOME.
Very beautiful.
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Studio Ghibli's adaptation of the book "Howl's Moving Castle" is one of my favorites. I've read the trilogy, and it's amazing. Very different from the movie adaptations, but still amazing.
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I have to say that checkered cape and the black feathers was nothing short of a stroke of genius, very original.  You are very talented.
Yazhigrl's avatar
Gorgeous Howl Love Nuu  
exseada's avatar
This is one of my favorites!;)
CorgiFoxi's avatar
That was clever of you to include his face when he transformed it gives a good contrast.  And speaking of his face I love how you drew his normal face, he's so handsome in your style!  Great job with his clothes and feathers too. :)
Berichan's avatar
It's fantastic!! :iconflailingplz:
and you know? actually that you chose black and red for the suit it's very funny because even if in the movie he has a silver and blue suit, it the book he has a silver and blue suit but also he has a black and red suit :nod:
good job, keep it up! you're my inspiration :D
Notallama11's avatar
I love everything about it. It makes him so cool! 
Bizenghast66's avatar
I lovee this! beautiful work!
Laugh-Butts's avatar
Howl, this little babe~

Lovely work! with the strong red and black coloring! It is like the "demon" within! 
RunForTheWind's avatar
I don't check deviantart for a few weeks, then find this beauty. Amazing. Beautiful colors, and I love how you perfectly captured both sides of Howl. Well done!
Chokokyoko's avatar
This is so great. Everything you draw is wonderful.
I love Howl. This is great.
anatame2's avatar
me gustan muchos tus dibujos
VicerineOfAngels's avatar
Different colours, but you can easily know who it is still (if you've seen the move). Took me a while to spot the face under his wing, but made me smile when I did. Thanks for posting this, it's wonderful! :D
HumanStick's avatar
Wow, this is so awesome! What a wonderful job you've done!
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