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Day and Night

- Colors commission for very sweet & talent :iconlinaket::iconlinaket::iconlinaket::iconlinaket:. Characters belong to her only in her great story: Lifrasir Wars.
I hope they turn out as you want dear and thank you so much for being so nice to me ;_____;.

- This work is one of longest works I have ever worked with, I keep redo it and this is the 3rd I work for this commission :XD:. I am not being complain here but I just want to tell because after *linaket let me read a summary of her story, I just feel in love with them and I try to present her characters relation. Kana (the girl) & Haru (the boy) are living in different planet and somehow, they are like a girl who can control the darkness & prince of light,...but they always think about each other every day/night. That's why I try to draw the "touch" each other in "different world" :XD:.
The reason why I add "a broken statue & hands pulling her dress"? Well, better I let you read it yourself to understand more cause I am not good at writing to summarize the whole story here :hug:.

Edit: (For a person who ask me) The reason why day's side is slightly bigger than the night's side? He is trying to help her out of her sorrow past & memory. This you can read more in *linaket'story:huggle:.

Other fanarts of those cool characters:

- Tools: Colors pencil & more info here please FAQ. Please read them before asking cause you may get your questions in it. That will save your time and mine. Thanks:tighthug:

Thanks for taking time on my works :hug:, sorry if I can't reply your comments/notes atm cause life is more busy now but you should know that I am always appreciate your wonderful supporting all dear friends:happycry:.
Take care,:rose:.


Sorry but commission is closing:huggle:.
Have a nice day:iconlove:
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Very beautiful!!! <3
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Nice details. 
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Your art leaves me speechless...amazing...the English language sometimes fails to expound upon the profundity prevalent in the world. This is one of those times.
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nice! i can get lost so easily here, tks for the trip!
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wow so awesome !! 
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This is incredible.
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I love your art!
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I love this style of art, really well done :)
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Amazing! <3 ____________ <3 
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Gorgeous piece!!! 👍🌹
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I love your artwork, and I have to say, this is one of my favorites!!! :D
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I am a big fan of your art and this is beautiful. I like the way you put a little purple on the light side and the plays of blue on the dark as if melding together. 
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How long does it take to usually draw these pictures?

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This is so amazing!
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that is amazing...
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