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Aquarius in Zodiac series :heart:. A little rest from commission works. I will back to work on them now:la:

Hope you all like it and special who are Aquarius:hug:

Tool: Faber Castel classic colors pencil + edit: PS
-If you want to know more then go here FAQ. Please read before ask :hug:

Other works from Zodiac series:


:bulletwhite: Whole Series

:bulletyellow:Zodiac Calendar

Have a wonderful day and thank you for all amazing supporting:love::iconbigheartplz:
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CanoScan LiDE 200
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:wave::wave::wave::wave:Hello! :D :)
:aww: Nice picture! :clap::dance::wow:
:love:I like it!:blowkiss::iconpurpleheartplz:
:iconsuperglompplz:Keep up the good work!
:iconflyingheartsplz:I wish you a good day!:hug:
great portrait drawings
Welcome to visit:…
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As an Aquarius, i love this.
But as the average DA veiwer that i am, i think this is pretty cool.
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Oh my God! My Zodiac is Aquarius! I never knew she was THIS beautiful 
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Absolutely beautiful
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I really love the crescent moon in the background and I really love her face against it! Her hair seems so fluid like it actually is water and the gradual wavy flowy curls in her hair seem to bring out that fluid quality. I also love the way you put the zodiac symbol of Aquarius in there and it was really creative how you made her hair curl into the shape of the mouth of a jug and let water flow from it. To make it even more detailed , you made the water turn into waves around her profile and that was a beautiful quality to put in not to mention that the fish were so beautiful as well. The details and the other curls in the background were so intricate and did a wonderful job here! :)
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And this is why I am proud of my zodiac being Aquarius.
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Thank you ;____;
D: i Love how u made it look! :D
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Sorry for super late replying ;A; . I know I should ashamed it myself dear but I just wanna to say Thanks a lot for your kindly support :hug::hug:
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So beautiful... <3
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I'm an Aquarius! So beautiful... =3=
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i'm an Aquarian, and this is the most beautiful Aquarius i have ever seen, thanks so much
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I love your works! You have so beautiful and unique technique♥
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I love this picture, but I have a small critique. Aquarius, despite being The Water Bearer, is an Air sign. (Specifically, it's Fixed Air.)
The symbol of Water Bearer has more to do with the humanitarian/community-centered nature of the sign. When I look at this picture, I see fish, water, bubbles.... All of this screams 'water'. So for me, it doesn't capture the innate nature of Aquarius as well as I'd like it to.
Again, it's a breathtaking picture, and I love it a lot, but I see Pisces when I look at it. Maybe I'm a little biased because I AM an Aquarius, but this happens a lot with my sign, and it never stops making me sigh wistfully.
I hope you don't take this the wrong way. I do adore your art beyond words. :)
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when I first saw this picture, I thought that "wow, it's so beautiful. But this is not Aquarius!" As an Aquarius myself, I cant see anything related to my sign from this picture
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hey I'm a tattoo artist of 10+ years and I have a client that loves this piece, would you mind if we used it for a piece. I will totally give you full credit for the design and posts links to more of your work.
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Sure you can dear, just please post the photo every time you done it for me to see. It would be appreciated :hug:
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