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Hello deviantART community!

I've started up this profile as a 'Vintage Stock' account which will display public domain images, particularly from my favourite era, the 1920's. These have been collected through trawling through thousands of images online and are in my opinion the cream of the crop, both high in definition and just all around stunning. I started this up because I will be using them in my own artwork and its easy to link the images to this account, but also since others may benefit from easy access to them.

My art account :icongoodbye-tuesday: take a looksie and hopefully in time you will start to see them cropping up.

As I do not own any rights to these images they are for you to use as you wish both inside and outside deviantART. You do not have to ask for my permission nor note me of their use - however a link back to your artwork would be nice!

From what I can understand through navigating through a number Internet sites, the copyright law in America (which is much stricter then where I hail from – Australia), any images prior to 1923 are public domain. So many that I have put up fall under this category (or vaguely do i.e. The information provided placed the date the photo was taken within a couple of year period that may extend over the 1923 margin by a year or so).

Other then that it appears that majority of the photos taken by Alfred Cheney Johnston (which is a large proportion of the ones that I have put up) also appear to be in the public domain. From what I can gather, this is because of the sad fact that although he was famous for is photographs of the Broadway show girls (Ziegfeld Follies) during the 1920’s, early 30’s, he was all but lost from the public eye after. His death in 1971 was largely unnoticed, and he had no children so the copyrights were never renewed, his collection of photos scattered over time.  Only in the last 15 years or so have Cheney’s photos gained recognition from individuals collecting and digitally retouching them.

I have tried to find information for the vintage photos that I have put up to adhere to the ‘public domain classification’ but there are mixed/little information for some. Let me know if any fall out of this description and I will happily remove the offending photo.

So happy creating you Bright Young Things!
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dmorganajonz General Artist
HI!  I've admired your collection forever!  This is a great gallery and I'm happy I found it!!!...  I didn't realize the info about Alfred Cheney Johnston... he did such beautiful photography.  
My experience with the "copyright/public domain" situation hasn't been great-  and I appreciate your information.  Thank you for your hard work in collecting so many fine photographs.  
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I'm not sure that you can host images that aren't yours, even if they are public domain.

Either way, good luck!
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Hello-TuesdayHobbyist Artist
There are hundreds of other profiles that seem to do it quite successfully - all you have to do is type vintage into the stock gallery to see. But if I get shut down I guess thats fine too - this is more for the benefit of everyone else!
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Well they're possibly in violation too :p, either way I +watch'd you, I enjoy some vintage stock now and then
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Hello-TuesdayHobbyist Artist
lol maybe! Thanks for the watch!!