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Vintage Stock - Leah Baird

Leah Baird in Wolves Of Kultur (1918)

I've started up this profile as a 'Vintage Stock' account which will display public domain images, particularly from my favourite era, the 1920's. These have been collected through trawling through thousands of images online and are in my opinion the cream of the crop, both high in definition and just all around stunning. I started this up because I will be using them in my own artwork and its easy to link the images to this account, but also since others may benefit from easy access to them.

As I do not own any rights to these images they are for you to use as you wish both inside and outside deviantART. You do not have to ask for my permission nor note me of their use - however a link back to your artwork would be nice!

So happy creating you Bright Young Things!
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Used here:

Retro Alien Invasion

thank you

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Used here: Early Explorer by Rowdy-Dawg Thank you
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And again here: [link] Thanks again :)
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I used your stock here: [link] Thanks!
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Thanks a lot for sharing!

Hope you'll like this!

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hi! :aww:
I used your wonderfull stock here! [link]

also you can check my blog [link]

thank you :blowkiss:
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Hello! I used your wonderful stock here so I would like to thank you for sharing such a masterpiece! ^_^
Have a nice day!
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Whomever she is, she looks (understandably) the epitome of "Pissed-off"!
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lol - yes defiantly a mixture of perplexed and pissed!
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Yeah, perhaps the poor thing had to be manipulated (in both senses) into that 'suit'! :)
On the contrary, it'll be an honour...
Some 5 years ago I picked up some publicity stills from eBay - this one (though much smaller) and two previous shots of the heroine at the boat, already suited up and about to put on her helmet. It was claimed at the auction that they came from the 1918 French release (Pathe) of Wolves Of Kultur, episode "Le Drapeau Noire". However, right now I get that none of the original English titles for the 15 episodes match it (of which, anyway, it appears only 7 have survived)...

As for PW, and insofar the script is faithful to the Craig Kennedy novel (by Arthur B.Reeve) it is based upon (or vice versa), the third and last Elaine series (The Romance Of Elaine, 1915) might feature at one scene of her wearing some sort of self-contained diving gear, but coming ashore from a submerged U-boat or underwater cave (sadly, it appears they are lost, too). Pearl Of The Army, on the other hand, seems to have her on horseback and riding along with the U.S. Cavalry South-to-the-Grande...

(However, it also appears there is a fiendish conspiracy to seize or sabotage Panama Canal somewhere in the whole plot)
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Wow you def seem to know much more about it then me! I'll change the title now and give the proper credit to the image. Thank you for taking the time to let me know.
It was a pleasure - anyway, how can I send you the five publicity stills I have (they are small size, low-re, but perhaps they could be collaged in a single jpeg)?
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That would be fantastic! I'll give you my email address by note - you sure you don't mind mind if I display them on this account?
She's not Pearl White, but Leah Bair in 1918 Hun-bashing serieal, "Wolves Of Kulture". The underwater shots (wearing one of the first Miller Dunn shallow water helmet models) might come from the episode "The Black Flag" (which, appealingly, is preciselly one of the lost ones)...

According to the Photoplay reviewer, the whole plot featured "Thrilling automobile chases, pursuits over the housetops, with a thrilling hand-over-hand escape by means of a clothesline hanging 80 feet above the ground; Alice bound hand and foot by a mad-woman and left to die in a burning house; her escape, with Bob's assistance, by swinging on a rope from the burning house; the destruction of the wolves' lair by one of their own infernal machines; a terrific fight under water..."
Source: [link]
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Are you sure, how can you tell? I had a look at your source and it provided no pictures. where as you type either 'pearl white' or 'pearl of the army' into google and it comes up with this images. Also it really really looks like pearl white [link]
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