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Have a pleasant moment

Question: can you guess who inspired the 2 characters ? There's is a little clue in the image...
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Very nice, if I could do the same...

forgive my English
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Oh!! MAple Town ref!! :D awsome!!
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Absolutely marvelous,
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I love this! you know, it's the mark of a really good work of art when the viewer wants
to jump into the drawing! I really want to jump into this world!
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Very adorable:giggle: If I had children some day I want them be that happy :D
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I thought the girls looked familiar, but when I read Palm Town I was sure.

It was fun to watch in the old days.
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this looks amazing! *w*
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Could this possibly be a Maple Town reference? I used to watch this show as a little girl and I remember Palm Town was a location or something. They also remind me of humanized versions of the animal characters, but it's probably a far-fetched guess ^^;

This is amazing, I wish I could be there with them (:
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that's right ! it's an human version of patty and lorry... (well there is no café rose...but whatever) I was a big fan when I was 6... I didn't remember anything except the atmosphere, the beautiful light and the two heroins taking some fresh drink in front of the sea....
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It makes me happy when people paint things that are nostalgic to them <3
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Very nice work. Hope I knew who inspired it :)
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I suppose the clue is 'cafe rose' not sure what it could mean though, sorry :P
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Oh, this is so nice! i love this picture! It does look like a very pleasant moment. Great work!:iconclappingplz:
Sorry, I couldn't get the reference. I'm sort of a noob:(
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Very pleasant scene.

The girls are very cute, but I have no idea where your inspiration came from. Does it have something to do with the bunnies, or Palm Town?
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right... :) but maybe it's too hard to figure out, the reference is pretty old
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