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I didn't draw much recently .... but fanarts is always fun to do.... whatever.... CCS was my first manga animated serie... I asked my sister to save episodes on VHS when I've got school...
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HOMER GAAAAWD!!!!!! :heart: LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meow Meow
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Awesome draw and she.
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very nice pic of sakura
I love Sakura, and I really like this fan art :)
Bravo !
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I love it, very pretty <3 <3
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Great pose and her staff's foreshortened well. I like her expression and her frilly dress too.
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certainly a cute rendition. I love the seal setail and sakura ended gorgeous. Nice use of colours by the way!
UchihaAkio's avatar
beautiful work!!
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ah, she was my first too! the nostalgia...
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I loved your work! do you mind if i show it in my tumbrl?? I'd put a link to your gallery and your name, and I'd give you the link to my tumbrl =)
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Wow! I absolutely love this piece!!!
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This is very beautiful... what anime is she from?
I am too lazy to look up css....
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Card Captor Sakura...
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oh.. i've never hard of that.
what is it about?
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Essentially it's about a little collecting a bunch of magical cards in order to prevent a certain disaster from occurring. The story differs slightly from the original version to the dub. Personally I would rather watch the original, but I did love Cardcaptors as a kid.
Mousetrap2's avatar
oh I
it sounds like a great show.
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It is. I can't find the DVDs for them, but luckily Youtube is always an option.
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gotta love youtube♥
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Sakura looks so cute here, I love her outfit and the bright bg :)
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:heart: Aw this is just great, it looks like you put a lot of effort into it!
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