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Heydrich Tarot: King of cups

Hearts of darkness and hate
O evil, oblivion your fate
O betrayers i come a war without end
My enemy's enemy is my friend

Mankind becomes the whore
Temples are empty - no law
False religions shall rise
Flags of scarlet shall fly
O destroyer of world
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
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this is by far my favorite. The originality and vision of this artist is amazing. I love the fact that Heydrich has the same serene face in death that he had in his own true death, which begs the question How could someone like him die with such peace? The blue colors of the ocean even blend into the skin color of Heydrich, showing that he is already dead. I don't know if this is the artist's intention but it is stunning. The text chosen for this is also compelling. If anyone would believe "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" it would be Reinhard Heydrich. This is breath taking!
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thank you for nice critique!
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You're famous! I found you in a Jalopnik article.…

I love the symbolism and muted colors. 
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Thanks a lot :D
yes it was few years ago when they asked me to give illustration for them ;) 
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This drawing is beautiful and reaches me deep! The first tarot card I picked was this one and that you chose a song from Killing Joke, just wow! Love it. It fits and it touches me. :heart:
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Very original and creative work, with a nice composition! :icongoodjobsign:
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This is a fantastic concept!
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super klimacik.
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Bardzo podobają mi się kolory i pomysł też niezły!
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dziekuje bardzoo
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I love this pic!
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I will do critique soon! Meow :3 

~ Hope you are having a spectacular time on DA BLESSINGS TO YOU ~ 
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Is it that crown in the picture which he put on his head in the St Vitus Cathedral few days before his death?
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he never put it on his head its myth :)
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How does the story go? I would like to know more about the Myth. INTERESTING :happybounce: 
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ok thank u for the info
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You're a fucking genius.
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well, thanks ;D
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