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Unity for Rainmeter V2.0 OLD


This version is outdated, please download V3.0 here: [link]

Some of you might have seen my Unity for Rainmeter V1.0. Even tough it is working fine, it was a horrible skin to configure. And that's where this version 2.0 jumps in!
This update is all about increasing how user-friendly the skin is.

What's new?
:bulletgreen: Ability to enable/disable icons and reposition them in any order without changing X/Y coordinates.
:bulletgreen: Rainconfigure Tool by *fediaFedia for easier configuration.
:bulletgreen: 21 pairs of variables included for the icons. (Should cover screen heights up to 1200 px).
:bulletgreen: Moving over the bottom right corner of the skin will pop a gear for easy acces to Rainconfigure (left click) and the ReadMe (right click).
:bulletgreen: Steam and Xfire icon added
:bulletgreen: Mistake fixed: Instruction taskbarheight for Win7.

:bulletblue: Faenza icons by ~tiheum
:bulletblue: Rainconfigure tool by *fediaFedia

Special Thanks:
:bulletred: Rainmeter crew for helping me finding a way to enable/disable icons so they automatically move up/down.

Alternative Icons:
:bulletpurple: Icon Pack + Icon Pack 2 by ~aablab
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