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Unity for Rainmeter 3.0

:iconhello-123456: & :iconcol-darby: Present to you:

Unity for Rainmeter V3.0

Update 25-03-2011: Fixed HDD2 displaying HDD1 label, fixed a typo in the readme ([link])

Whilst version 2.0 was a huge improvement above 1.0, people wanted more, they wanted widgets!
Well you asked for it and you got it!
I started making some widgets myself, when I came across the Faenza widgets of ~Col-Darby.
So I send him a PM and asked if he felt something for Collaborating for V3.0, and he told me that he started those widgets as a tribute to the Unity bar!
And so it happened, using dropbox to sync the code development started, and now it's done, we're proud to present you V3.0 of Unity for Rainmeter!
You thought we would stop there? You couldn't be further from right, we also included the beloved stacks, customizable backgrounds, text and a dropshadow!

IMPORTANT: If you are running version 2.0 already, it is possible to update it to 3.0 using the included instructions.
Updating from 1.0 to any version is not supported. (To much changes).
For those using V1.0 or those not using it at all, the .rmskin is included in the archive for easy installation.
Update 20-03-11 20:20 (GMT): If you are planning to update 2.0, download the archive again, due to a mistake you would still lose your settings, this is fixed now!

What's new?
:bulletgreen: Widgets (22 in total)
:bulletgreen: Stacks (3 included by default, placed in the Wigets folder)
:bulletgreen: Default font size increased from 10 to 12 pt
:bulletgreen: Customizable Backgrounds (adjustable Opacity)
:bulletgreen: Dropshadow (adjustable Opacity)
:bulletgreen: Alt.Binz, CouchPotato, Sick Beard, uTorrent, Xbox and Downloads icon
:bulletgreen: Middle mouse click on gear-icon* launches the skin folder
*For the gear icon hover the bottom right of the bar, it will show up.

:bulletyellow: Battery (Left click to switch between Powersource + Percentage and Remaining)
:bulletyellow: CDD1 (Left click opens CD-Drive 1, Right click closes it)
:bulletyellow: CDD2 (Left click opens CD-Drive 2, Right click closes it)
:bulletyellow: CPU (Shows current CPU load and top process)
:bulletyellow: EHD1 (Shows label + drive + percentage full of external HDD's and USB-sticks)
:bulletyellow: EHD2 (Shows label + drive + percentage full of external HDD's and USB-sticks)
:bulletyellow: Gmail (Checks your Gmail account for new mail)
:bulletyellow: HDD1 (Shows label + drive + percentage full of HDD1)
:bulletyellow: HDD2 (Shows label + drive + percentage full of HDD2)
:bulletyellow: MediaKey_Large (Play/Pause, Stop, Previous, Next track)
:bulletyellow: MediaKey_Small (Play/Pause, Stop, Previous, Next track)
:bulletyellow: Memory (Shows current Memory usage)
:bulletyellow: Net (Shows current network load)
:bulletyellow: Power_Large (Shutdown, Reboot, Send to standby, LogOff or lock the system)
:bulletyellow: Power_Small (Shutdown, Reboot, Send to standby, LogOff or lock the system)
:bulletyellow: RecycleBin (Shows items in the recyclebin)
:bulletyellow: Stack1 (Stack 1)
:bulletyellow: Stack2 (Stack 2)
:bulletyellow: Stack3 (Stack 3)
:bulletyellow: Volume (Raise/Lower/Mute Volume)
:bulletyellow: Weather (Shows Current weather + Temperture)
:bulletyellow: WiFi (Shows SSID + Signal strength)

Additional stuff worth looking at for Ubuntu look:
:bulletblack: Faenza Wigets (in case you want seperated wigets) by ~Col-Darby
:bulletblack: Gnome Panel for Rainmeter by ~Col-Darby
:bulletblack: Maveric for Win7 by ~dpcdpc11
:bulletblack: Ubuntu Light for Windows XP by ~Freddi67

:bulletblue: Afternoon by ~SimekOneLove
:bulletblue: Faenza icons by ~tiheum
:bulletblue: NirCMD by NirSoft
:bulletblue: Plain Weather icons by ~MerlinTheRed
:bulletblue: Rainconfigure tool by *fediaFedia
:bulletblue: StandaloneStack 2 by Chris'n'Soft
:bulletblue: ~awaisagha for ideas to improve the original V1.0, most of the functions that are in now he came up with before me.

Special Thanks:
:bulletred: Rainmeter crew for helping me finding a way to enable/disable icons so they automatically move up/down.
:bulletred: ~lassekongo83, ~RajTheeban95, ~SolMiler, for the permisson to make backgrounds based on SS and VS.

Alternative Icons:
:bulletpurple: Flurry by David Lanham, and additional: dA Search Flurry
:bulletpurple: Icon Pack + Icon Pack 2 by ~aablab
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im new on rainmeter skins. i want use this skin. wheres tutorial step by step. please help me dude..


done now i can edit icon, still learn about stack icon.
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Can this skin work on win 7 64bit ultimate? Thanks. Great job btw, seems beautiful! 
MarNelyDesigns's avatar
¿Alguien me dice por favor por que la barra oscura me aparece encima de los iconos?
Es decir, en mi Pc, la barra es lo unico que se ve, lo de mas no.
chalky10's avatar
Hi, just thought I,d add my thanks for this skin to the list, I am an experienced Rainmeter user but it did take me a while to get used to it and then the real fun started, its actually very well written and extremely easy to customize, my own setup does,nt look anything like the original and that's the beauty of your skin.Anybody reading reviews on this skin should,nt worry it does exactly as the author states, read the help on getting the icons to show and you should be good to go and if you look through the skins file you will find all sorts of hidden gems.EXCELLENT :)
Hey Hello123456,

i like your skin very much, but on my screen the icons don't show up.
The raeson why could be the newer version of rainmeter.

can you or somebody else help me?
i would appreciate it!

thunderboympm's avatar
how can i add the applications and widgets in enigma bar
KidArez's avatar
What visual style is that?
hello-123456's avatar
That's one of my favorite styles named Adagio:… .
MFidel's avatar
Hi! I just wanna ask, on the Stacks, some (actually almost all) of the programs' icons doesn't seem to go with the size of the 'Icon Size'. Their icons are customized at 256 x 256 pixels, so I know that whatever the 'Icon Size' is, they will just grow with it. And, if I try to 'stretch icons', the icons pixelizes and is barely recognizable. What could probably be the solution?

BTW. I really liked this skin. I am really looking forward using it perfectly! Thank you!
I'm running windows 7 and I can't see any of the icons. I did the thing people said to do in previous comments (moving MeterUnity and MeterUnityShadow before Variables) and it didn't work, I still don't see the icons. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Actually it's only icons I set. The ones that are pre loaded work fine
*Facepalm* figured it out lol. Sorry about all this ^^
hi where can i have your taskbar pls ?
hello-123456's avatar
Cool, thanks for the feature! :)
jmer24's avatar
how i can to install it?
Nexst3r's avatar
I am having problem with the skin mainly that it does not show any images on the sidebar. I am very fascinated by how the smooth transition occurs when you click on stack 1 but am having some problem reading on how it happens on the coding. Could you explain how it works to me?
hello-123456's avatar
The stacks are being handled by third party software, not by rainmeter itself. Rainmeter was never meant to be used for the purpose I used it here. Lacking the programming skills to actually build such a thing stand-alone I used Rainmeter to create it. In case you still wonder how to fix it, please take a look at this comment:…
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Hidden Icon Problem on Win8
1 - right click on the bar and choose "modify this skin" (use notepad++ dudes)
2 - near line 90, select and cut the two following blocks of code : "[MeterUnityShadow]" & "[MeterUnity]"
3 - paste them before "variables" block which is approx. at line 10
4 - save and exit, and refresh the skin
5 - and voila, everything's fine now
Thanks, it worked. :)
hello-123456's avatar
Thanks for reposting that message. I haven't been on dA for a long while and it hurts to see people have been struggling with this for such a long time. Pretty cool to see the Rainmeter community support eachother tough by writing these kind of small tutorials. I haven't come around on working on the project anymore ever since V3 was released but I'll soon release an update to accomate this issue.
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Thanks so much for posting this! You're a lifesaver! 
elsoria's avatar
Help! When I install this skin, only the bar appears, and I cant see the icons, but when I put the cursor on the bar ,the texts of applications are observable and when I click on the section the app this is open.

what's wrong ? why I can´t see the icons?
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