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Pricedown Rainmeter Clock



My very first config for Rainmeter! :D When browsing trough my Message Center I came across Pricedown Conky Clock by ~Mloodszy and immediately fell in love:heart: with it. But it wasn't for Rainmeter :( So I asked permission to port it and I got permission to do so. After seeing countless .ini files to edit the other skins to my liking, I felt like I could do my own.

So here is the result :D
It features both 12H and 24H support (trough Right Click -> Variants -> Rainmeter Pricedown Clock 12H/24H).
And for the Dutch people, I also build in the dutch language, simply open the .ini file and turn it on (remove ; in front of Language variable) :)

Uploaded as .rmskin for easy install. If you still use an old version of Rainmeter go to Rainmeter.net and update, or open the file with Winrar/7zip and install it by hand.

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Hi, does anyone know how to change the skin color?