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Little Grim Reaper Wallpaper


Yay for a chibi Grim Reaper wallpaper :boogie:
well i did a quick sketch of it during science class
and i changed the idea and stuff and this is the end result

this was inspired by :iconqueenofdorks:'s…

sketched on paper
inked in Photoshop CS3
colored in Photoshop CS3
enjoy :D

do NOT use for anything but your desktop unless you asked for permission and received an approval from me
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That is so cute.
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The awesome Grim Reaper, never looked so damn, cute :love:
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sorry for all the comments. something ws wrong with my computer and it appeared that my comments werent sticking lol.
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Hey, im the President of a PS3 gaming group called the "PS3 Reapers". Anyway, ive been looking for a character jsut like this for a long time. It would be perfect as our mascot, if you are ok with that! Im an artist as well in Texas and would never dream of using it without your permission. anyway, please touch base with me at and we can talk. I absolutely love your work, nice job. Talk to you soon
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Hey, i run a video game group called the "PS3 Reapers" and i just love this image. Im an artist myself (i paint murals for high-end clients in Texas), so i would never dream of using anyones work without permission. Anyway, id like to see if you would allow me to use your image here for our mascot. There is actually 2 small changes id like to see if you'd make to it for me, and i might be able to pay you a bit to do it, if you are interested. Please touch base with me at thanks for your time.
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I'm glad you like it :D
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I wanted to ask you if i could ise this as an icon to represent my friend on youtube, we would give you full credit and a link back to your account of course. He just wants to use it as an avatar type thing. Please let me know ^^ Thank you so much !
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well if you are willing to give credit then sure
try having the credit link here if possible

also if you guys do this link me to the YouTube channel so that I may see it.

sorry for the reply
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Thank you so much for allowing this, however the project is on hold at the moment and i am so sorry for the late reply, i am not on here as often. However if we get the project up and running at anytime, I will for sure give you all the credit! Thanks again! :)
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ok, just let me know when the project is back up
and no worries :)
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I'm glad you think so :D
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Aaaw, this is both a bit creepy and adorable :D
And now my wallpaper <3 Wonderful work, I love it *hugs*
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I am glad you like it :D
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aaawww my kind o' cute :)
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I'm glad you think so :D
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