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Digimon - Angewomon

(pre-release WIP shots on Tumblr)

Speed Art Video -

this picture was brought to you by the realest Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth hype Woohooooo! 
when they announced that we are getting it localized in the states AND on the PS4 I went on to draw this

so 2016 has the new DOOM and Cyber Sleuth in store for me
I might be gone for a bit when that happens I am a dummy!

made in Photoshop CS6
enjoy :D

Digimon © Akiyoshi Hongo / Bandai
Fan art © Pedro A. Machuca Nunez / Hellknight10 / HK-TEN

the video has a song from Cyber Sleuth (of course) so you should totally watch it
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I love her! :happybounce:  This is one of the best fan arts of her I've ever seen Love Clap 
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This is so beautiful!~
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Awesome it'll be awesome to see one with Wargreymon and AngeWomon
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She looks so good with your art style! Nice job there. <3
ZeonXeria's avatar
You're welcome :D
TheKurejiNeko's avatar
It's awesome to see some Digimon fanart. You made Angewoemon so lovely!

Ready for the 2016 reboot?
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That's a very colorful one... and lightful one too! A bit like some childhood memories... It's funny how her initial form is originally a cat (as Gatomon). It's quite strange to think about it... x)
Hellknight10's avatar
from a badass cat to a sexy angel... a very confusing childhood indeed
Sameore's avatar
Hahahahaha!!!! Yeah. Go figure the inspiration behind this. :D
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I love this one, it reminds me of my childhood! beautiful color and pose!
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I'm glad you like it :D
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Yes it's really nice!
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Holy crap this is awesome. :wow:
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