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Silk Angel by HellionAngel Silk Angel :iconhellionangel:HellionAngel 7 16 That's What by HellionAngel That's What :iconhellionangel:HellionAngel 6 14 Mary Jane by HellionAngel Mary Jane :iconhellionangel:HellionAngel 13 15 WIPS by HellionAngel WIPS :iconhellionangel:HellionAngel 4 37 Poison Ivy Revisted by HellionAngel Poison Ivy Revisted :iconhellionangel:HellionAngel 13 17
Altered Briar Rose Fairytale
Long ago there was a kingdom ruled by a young monarch and his queen. Freshly married they would talk of the children they would have and what perhaps they would look like. A feverish gleam of hope shined in both their eyes and they knew that soon the kingdom would be blessed with a royal child. Perhaps assumptions that a child would be forthcoming and would be such a lovely child led to fate being cruel. The first year went by without a child and they laughed that perhaps they must try just a bit harder. The second year, there were puzzled smiles, but they were still hopeful. With the third year the smiles were strained, but still they hoped. So the years passed and by the sixth the queen could no longer refrain from tears. The king buried himself in work and would not speak of a child any longer.
The whispers began to flow from the fine nobility to the poor peasants in the field. The rumors abounded that the queen had refused to share a bed or even that perhaps the king could not fath
:iconhellionangel:HellionAngel 4 22
Poison Ivy by HellionAngel Poison Ivy :iconhellionangel:HellionAngel 20 32 Black Cat Finished by HellionAngel Black Cat Finished :iconhellionangel:HellionAngel 6 26
Love Is
Love Is
Touching the soft skin of a newborn baby
Wondering if you love them so much your heart will break.
Love is
Watching someone walk away into the distance
And knowing that it’s the best thing for them
Love is
Smiling before you open your eyes
Because you know just who will be there
Love is
Staying awake and wondering
If that fight can be taken back, ended another way
Love is
Every beat of your heart
Every last breath you take
Love is
Something that can be taken back
Not without tears, not without hurt
Love is
The dream we try to believe
As in our hands it crumbles to pieces
Love is
Wanting to be their every moment
To be their everywhere
Love is
The way we cripple
When we’re afraid that’s the only way to keep them near
Love is
The broken heart that refuses to heal
That wonders if it’ll ever again feel
Love is
A look in your eye
A step toward them in a blind night
Love is
Our tomorrow and tonight
:iconhellionangel:HellionAngel 5 33
A Lover's Sunset by HellionAngel A Lover's Sunset :iconhellionangel:HellionAngel 4 47 Lake June by HellionAngel Lake June :iconhellionangel:HellionAngel 3 2 River Bed by HellionAngel River Bed :iconhellionangel:HellionAngel 0 6 Aphrodite IX by HellionAngel Aphrodite IX :iconhellionangel:HellionAngel 13 35 Aphrodite IX WIP by HellionAngel Aphrodite IX WIP :iconhellionangel:HellionAngel 8 9 Red Queen Colour by HellionAngel Red Queen Colour :iconhellionangel:HellionAngel 6 29 Dark Pheonix Colour by HellionAngel Dark Pheonix Colour :iconhellionangel:HellionAngel 6 2

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Hunteresque Painted by ToolKitten Hunteresque Painted :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 4,886 235 Bald Eagle Portrait by Nambroth Bald Eagle Portrait :iconnambroth:Nambroth 1,514 117 Painting the Eye by MelissaFindley Painting the Eye :iconmelissafindley:MelissaFindley 585 49 A Sharpened Heart by MelissaFindley A Sharpened Heart :iconmelissafindley:MelissaFindley 1,576 144 Consistency Exercise Rainbows by vert-is-ninja Consistency Exercise Rainbows :iconvert-is-ninja:vert-is-ninja 10,610 887 clubSEARCH by parallellogic clubSEARCH :iconparallellogic:parallellogic 3,120 2,286
Challenging Yourself to Become a Better Artist
Like others here, I get asked a lot of questions about my art, my process, techniques, and my inspiration. One of the questions I get asked that makes me both smile and laugh is, "How did you get so good?" Half the time it's a rhetorical question, and the other half is people genuinely wanting to know how to get better at art.
The answer is deceptively simple: I challenge myself and maintain a positive attitude.
Now you might say, "Well, everything I do is a challenge, I'm not that good yet." But that's not what I mean. Of course getting better at art is challenging, and even when you're what others might consider a master, art never stops being a challenge.
But what I'm talking about is specifically setting goals for yourself and taking on projects that you KNOW are going to make you struggle. The projects that you KNOW are going to make you want to give up and do something else.
I find that a lot of people sort of stick to a specific niche and never reall
:iconrahll:Rahll 1,272 285
Establishing a Process for Better Art
Many of you are likely to have at least a general grasp on what I'm going to talk about, but for just as many, if not more people, this is going to be new and very beneficial to your progress and success as an artist.
The topic of discussion today is process. We all have a process for our work, some of us are very meticulous, while others are more sporadic, but there's generally a few basic steps that any successful artist is likely to employ.
The main problem I see, and that most art instructors are likely to see, is lack of planning in people's work. People get too excited for their idea, and they jump right into their final piece, maybe after doing only one sketch.
From there, they end up struggling as they try to finish the piece. Maybe the background wasn't well planned enough, maybe the pose was too stiff or didn't make sense, maybe the composition is bad, but it's too late to fix, maybe the line art was too sloppy and the piece is suffering, or maybe they
:iconrahll:Rahll 583 74
Since I joined DeviantArt I've browsed through many an artists' page, wishing and hoping that I could draw like them, and sometimes losing hope in my abilities altogether. See, my dream is to become a graphic novelist or a character concept artist. I'm not formally taught in art, in fact I'm completely self-taught, which made me feel like I would never improve in what I did.
But it was funny how a simple piece of gift-art completely changed everything for me.
The minute I saw it, I wanted more than anything to be able to create something as amazing as that.
And thus began my amazingly quick progression.
And since I've been improving, I've been getting people say to me, oh I wish I could draw as well as you, or I'll never get that good.
Well to all those people who wish and doubt themselves I have one thing to say:
SERIOUSLY!!! You can do it! And to help empower those watchers of mine I drew this:

It shows my improvement in the last ten m
:icongloomynekochan:gloomynekochan 514 316
Colour Wheel Swatches by punkisstillcool Colour Wheel Swatches :iconpunkisstillcool:punkisstillcool 94 23 painting hands by ceruleanvii painting hands :iconceruleanvii:ceruleanvii 1,013 82 A Note on Light and Colour by toerning A Note on Light and Colour :icontoerning:toerning 4,464 220 Manga photoshop brushes by Cetriya Manga photoshop brushes :iconcetriya:Cetriya 2,329 165 Photoshop Brushes by JohnRauch Photoshop Brushes :iconjohnrauch:JohnRauch 2,977 534
Learning to Paint Digitally, Edition 1
Welcome to the new news article series, Learning to Paint Digitally.  Since even before I joined the AR Team I have been receiving notes, emails, etc. from fellow deviants asking me how to get started with digital painting and/or mixed media.  So, along with my knowledge, and the help of tutorials and resources I hope to bring something truly valuable to those wishing to learn more about painting digitally within Photoshop.
I can't say how many articles will be included in this series, only that each one will be unique and should you wish to participate even more, and take it one step further there will be practice materials suggested at the end of the article, ideally I would love to see the results uploaded so that I can display them and we can see how people are improving and coming along with the help of these "lessons."
The Plan:  This series is not only to give beginners a starting point, but also to help even seasoned painters with tri
:iconcosmosue:cosmosue 855 147
Learning to Paint Digitally, Edition 2
Welcome to Learning to Paint Digitally, Edition 2.  I am amazed at the enthusiasm of the digital community with my first article, I really did not expect such a huge response, and honestly I am thrilled.  I am so glad I was able to help so many people, so, lets get started on Edition 2 already!
The Plan:  This series is not only to give beginners a starting point, but also to help even seasoned painters with tricks or tips they did not know before.  My hope is that we all learn something we did not know before since there are so many ways to do one thing, it is my belief that reading how one person may do something will strengthen our skills as artists and help us to learn and develop our own style and techniques.
The Promise:  My promise to the community through this new series of articles is that I will:
Read each Tutorial before presenting it to you.Try each brush set myself before including it in the "lessons."T
:iconcosmosue:cosmosue 568 80


I'm very shaky on crits, but here goes. I think part of the problem (that you know of) of her hand on the bow, is that her hand is lite...


Red Ink by DanielaUhlig Red Ink :icondanielauhlig:DanielaUhlig 17,170 756


Now, class, say this along with me: "Damn, this bitch is an idiot."
I have no excuse other than it's 5.30am and I'm a bit stupid when it's this fucking early and I'm not actually sleeping.

...Do we all now have our smirks and rolled eyes over with? Thank you. We're back to our regularly scheduled programming of absolutely nada for months on end.
Class dismissed!
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lol. Not really! I come and check in every two weeks or so and back out quickly at the sheer number of journals and deviations! :D
I did see the redraw, it's awesome!
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:dummy: Yay! :giggle: I was curious if you'd seen it or not.  Good to know you're still kickin'. ;P
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Afrikaans: Veels geluk met jou verjaarsdag!
Albanian: Urime ditelindjen!
Arabic: Eid milaad saeed! or Kul sana wa inta/i tayeb/a!
Armenian: Taredartzet shnorhavor!
Assyrian: Eida D'moladukh Hawee Brikha!
Austrian-Viennese: Ois guade winsch i dia zum Gbuadsdog!
Bengali: Shuvo Jonmodin!
Brazil: Parabens a voce
Bulgarian: Chestit Rojden Den!
Cambodian: Som owie nek mein aryouk yrinyu!
Chinese Cantonese: Sun Yat Fai Lok!
Chinese Fuzhou: San Ni Kuai Lo!
Chinese Hakka: Sang Ngit Fai Lok!
Chinese Mandarin: qu ni sheng er kuai le
Croatian Sretan Rodendan!
Czech: Vsechno nejlepsi k Tvym narozeninam!!
Danish: Tillykke med fodselsdagen!
Dutch: Hartelijk gefeliciteerd!
English: Happy Birthday!
Estonian: Palju onne sunnipaevaks!
Farsi: Tavalodet Mobarak!
Finnish: Hyvaa syntymapaivaa!
French Canada: Bonne Fete!
French: Joyeux Anniversaire!
Georgian: Gilotcav dabadebis dges!
German: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
Greek: Eytyxismena Genethlia!
Hawaiian: Hau`oli la hanau!
Hebrew: Yom Huledet Same'ach!
Hiligaynon (Philippines) :Masadya gid nga adlaw sa imo pagkatawo!
Hindi (India): Janam Din ki badhai!
Hungarian: Boldog szuletesnapot!
Icelandic: :Til hamingju med afmaelisdaginn!
Indonesian: Selamat Ulang Tahun!
Italian: Buon Compleanno!
Italian (Piedmont): Bun Cumpleani!
Japanese: Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!
Korean: Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da!
Kurdish: Rojbun a te piroz be!
Latin Fortuna dies natalis!
Latvian: Daudz laimes dzimsanas diena!
Lithuanian: Sveikinu su gimtadieniu!
Luganda: Nkwagaliza amazalibwa go amalungi!
Macedonian: Sreken roden den!
Malaysian: Selamat Hari Jadi!
Maltese: Nifrahlek ghal gheluq sninek!
Maori: Kia huritau ki a koe!
Mongolian: Torson odriin mend hurgee!
Navajo: bil hoozho bi'dizhchi-neeji' 'aneilkaah!
Nepali: Janma dhin ko Subha kamana!
Norwegian: Gratulerer med dagen!
Polish: Wszystkiego Najlepszego!
Portuguese (Brazil): Parabens pelo seu aniversario!
Portuguese: Feliz Aniversario! or Parabens!
Punjabi (India): Janam din diyan wadhayian!
Rajasthani (India): Janam ghaanth ri badhai, khoob jeeyo!
Romanian: La Multi Ani!
Russian S dniom razhdjenia!
Sami/Lappish: Lihkos Riegadanbeaivvis!
Samoan: Manuia lou aso fanau!
Sanskrit (India): Ravihi janmadinam aacharati!
Sardinian (Italy): Achent'annos! Achent'annos!
Spanish: Feliz Cumplea–os!
Sri Lankan: Suba Upan dinayak vewa!
Swahili: Hongera! or Heri ya Siku kuu!
Swedish: Grattis pŒ fšdelsedagen
Taiwanese: San leaz quiet lo!
Telugu: Puttina Roju Shubakanksalu!
Thai: Suk San Wan Keut!
Tibetan: Droonkher Tashi Delek!
Turkish: Dogum gunun kutlu olsun!
Ukrainian: Mnohiya lita! or Z dnem narodjennia!
Vietnamese: Chuc Mung Sinh Nhat!
Welsh: Penblwydd Hapus i Chi!
Yiddish: A Freilekhn Gebortstog!
HellionAngel Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
That's amazing! I love seeing all the different ways to say it. Thank you! :love:
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The llama is appreciated and happy birthday!
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You're most welcome!
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I love you. Thank you for being my friend, for being there even when I've not been there for weeks and months, for having patience with me no matter what, for always providing an ear and a shoulder no matter how much chaos your own life is in. I don't know what I've done to be that lucky to have somebody like you. Even though I am rarely around... I want you to know that I absolutely value you and that I'm happy, every moment of my life, that you're my friend.
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