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It may have taken 5 years, but 10,000 page views are approaching.
Cheers guys and gals. :D
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Well i have just spent the last week trying to clean out all my deviant art tat, and make my gallery abit easier to navigate around.
Hope it makes life easier.
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Well i thought its about time i started using DA again,
resubscribed, and added my first photo today!
Work sucks, never have time for photos anymore, the joys of kitchen work!
Anyway i will post more this week, and keep updating
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Has anyone had any problems viewing my gallery?
i have been having problems viewing other peoples gallerys
as well as looking at my messages/journals and deviations.
Is this deviantart or my pc being stupid.
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Scorpion Images

Fri Feb 2, 2007, 2:39 AM
Just an update on the pics i added a while ago.

I was sold the scorpion believing it to be an Emperor Scorpion, Pandinus Imperator. However after some closer inspection i have found it to be a Red Clawed Scorpion, Tanzania Pandinus, which is very similar, but with a slight red hue. The only real difference is the aggressiveness, which caused me to look closer at it.

So yeah, there we go, sorry for wrongly classifying it.

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Well i have just reached 3,000 page view
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I got a picture displayed on the
British Journal Of Photography
website :)
Have a ganders if you like…

Its only a readers gallery but i emailed them
2 or 3 months ago and i got an email back
today saying they were going to put it up.
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Deviant ID

Sun Aug 27, 2006, 11:55 AM
I have been bored with my ID's for a while
so i got


To take some pics of me for new ones.
So there will be a few ID's added,
thats will be the reason for the increased amount of ID's

Anyway, todays been pretty fun...
saw some kid drink bubble mixture and blow bubbles,
haven't seen anything that funny for a while...


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Sat Jul 29, 2006, 8:42 AM

Well there has been a lack of new pics from me,
not that i havent wanted to add any, but because i havent been at my PC for a while.
Should be back on track soon, have lots of new pics of animals,
mostly dogs tho.

Thats all for now,

Royal Cornwall Show

Sat Jun 10, 2006, 10:40 AM
Well i went to the Royal Cornwall Show today,
Its a big agricultural show down here in Cornwall.
I had a good day, and got alot of photos of alot of animals,
Both farm animals and wild animals like owls and things,
theres also some dog pictures in there too.
They will be posted over the next week or two and i hope some of you like them.
As for today its been really hot, and i got sunburnt..... again.
Lots of happy memories today also from when i worked at the show 2 years ago for 4 days, ots of old faces there too.
Well i hope everyones alright and having a good summer.

Thats all for now,
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Well i have started adding some colour photos,
I have ordered a new camera, which shall be cool,
Im hoping it will allow me to do more of what i want to do.

Theres some good work comming into my Deviantwatch box everyday,
Keep em comming.

Ok im done.
Right, well i have had some people complaining that most of my pictures are in black and white. So now that summers comming look out for some colour submissions to my gallery.
Well the weather this week was ment to be hot and sunny, all i have seen lately is rain and clouds.....
I can't wait until summer comes and get some nice shots of the coast and beaches, as well as some leaves on the trees, that look abit barron at the moment.
So here i sit, pondering wether i should go out and take more photos or not,
or even maybe if i should write some of my famous poetry to show you all.....
Or i may just sit here and listen to LCD Soundsystem some more.
P.S. doe's anyone actually read these things?
Well, i thought my journal was looking alittle empty. So here is my first entry.
There will be many more pictures added to my gallery over the next few months,
I have amased so many i am trying to sort them out. Today has been a good day, abit wet from the rain, but i took some good photos, one of which has already been added "Flower Drops". All of my pics you may or may not have noticed have been resized to make viewing easier. But that said if theres anything you want to see full size if you send me a note saying which one you would like to see i can send it to you. Anyway theres my first entry.