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Gargan and Humon
   Gargan and Humon were giants. In fact, they were bigger than giants. They were titans. They were so big that, when they stood up, they blotted out the sunlight beneath them and made it as dark as night for miles around. In fact, so big were they that people who saw them often mistook them for mountains. This was understandable, as neither of them washed that frequently and they often ended up with trees growing from the dirt in the deep crevices in their skin that on us would be mere lines or pores.   Gargan and Humon were the last of the titans to walk the earth’s surface. All the others had been destroyed in the war with the gods
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It's been a long time since I stopped by DA. What in all nine circles of hell happened here???
A small note to those that are still interested...
I know why I originally joined this website, I have had good times, I've had bad times, and I have had a fair bit of frustration... That being said, for those who were fans of the story 'There are No Heroes', I've completed the writing and I am going through the final proofread.  I am probably not posting the entire thing to DA though...  If I do it will be a few months as I rarely have the spare time to do all of the re-editing and playing around with the actual posting.  If you wish to get a copy once I am done with the final proofread, private message me an e-mail link and I'll have it to you in a week or so (the whole spare time thing and
I am returning to this site
April of last year I lost my cool with DA... I guess I was tired of the drama, the fools and the constant viral attacks.  I have managed to sort out a few of the issues and I presume that DA admins have sorted out the rest.  Also, I have had some issues with my webs.com site.  I am not a fan of the fact that I have to have several sites just for one story, or pay for more web pages........  Which get no traffic. Anyway, those I still keep in touch with, you'll see more of me.  I look forward to seeing what has changed in my absence.


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What up dood?
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A whole lotta shit. Embarked on a new career, did a shitton on writing. TaNH is the ever evolving mess that keeps growing like a batch of weeds. How about you?
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Hope yer doin' well! :D
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Tired as fuck, busier than that... on the bright side the third book of TaNH is done save for epilogue and proofread. How are things with you?
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chimeraic General Artist
BUSY BUSY BUSY!!! :D I'll hopefully be able to go to a local convention for the first time ever, so I'm trying to whip out samples for editors to review and for me to sell prints of.
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Well best of luck with that. Also, you said you were writing a story of your own. How are things going with that?
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Hey Fausty. How are ye? Haven't seen you around much. =D