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[MHU] David Perez
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Published: September 15, 2018
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Bio will likely be cleaned up a bit shortly!


Name: David Pérez

Birthday: Month, Day

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1"

Sexuality: Questioning

Ethnicity: Dominican / European

USA (Hawaii)

Blood Type: O+


MHU: Ike Quill

Immediate Family:
 ( w i p)
Mother: Lena Pérez 
Father: Juan David Pérez 

Hero Stats

Hero Name: Badger

QuirkMelinae Physiology. 
Type: Mutant
Essentially has the amplified qualities of a member of the melinae animal family. Large and powerful teeth and claws. Able to dig incredibly quickly and effectively through a multitude of surfaces, from rocks and dirt to cement and asphalt. Enhanced physical strength, hearing and sense of smell. Able to run quickly in a burst of speed for a short period of time.

▪ Nocturnal - though he can still be active in the day, David will be much more effective during the evening and night. Without a stimulant, he's likely to just fall asleep.
▪ Must consume a lot of food to keep up energy. Significantly weaker when he's even a bit hungry.
▪ Using up that burst of speed will severely tire him out immediately after slowing down. It can take several minutes to build up energy again.
▪ Poor eyesight.

Primary Course Focus: Rescue


PersonalityFolks who meet David may come to know him as your typical jock-type; loud, excitable and often letting his competitive side get the better of him. While this is most certainly true, David has a genuine sense of wonder and love for the world and people around him, as well as an eagerness to learn and try new things. He can get very attached to both new hobbies and new friends, and with time proves to be a doggedly loyal companion. 

He lives by the sentiment of "do or die", and in the face of challenges, he will brazenly charge forward. This has proven useful in the past, but just as easily may get him into trouble. 
The way David carries himself seems to suggest that he'd love nothing more than to beat down some villains, when in reality, his priority will always be the protection of those around him.

Likes: Food, animals, running, rough sports, his parents

Dislikes: Licorice, humidity, deep water, indecisive people

HistoryDavid was born in Hawaii to his mother and father, Lena and Juan David, respectively. As a child, David was always the rambunctious sort, climbing and jumping on furniture, running and screaming, eating bugs. (Not much has changed). When his quirk manifested at the age of five, this was only amplified, with the added occasional damage bill. Despite everything, he grew up in a loving household, and was encouraged to explore his newfound abilities.

Growing up had its ups and downs as life does. In high school, David performed fairly well in exams and trials. Less so in the written and academic portions, but this could mostly be chalked up to his feeble ability to hold a pencil. While he didn't have any formal training with an active hero in the field, he spent long weekends visiting his grandmother, a retired pro hero, who gave him pointers over lunch and watched him train in her backyard.

While as a teen he greatly enjoyed flaunting his powers (even to the extent of bullying), at times he found it difficult to control his strength or manage his clawed hands, mistakenly breaking belongings or even hurting people unintentionally. As fun as being a powerhouse could be at times, by the date of his acceptance to Schuyler, he had vowed to dedicate his studies to learning how to use that strength for the benefit of others.

ExtrasLoves honey and fruit. Eats bugs. Needs glasses, doesn't wanna wear glasses. 
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MlleMensonges|Hobbyist Digital Artist
He sounds like a COOL dude i love his grin!!
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hellebee|Student General Artist
AW thank ya!!
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This is like "my hero academia"
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hellebee|Student General Artist
it's for a roleplay group set in the my hero academia universe so
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Lishadra|Student Traditional Artist
Musteliiid boooyyyy
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hellebee|Student General Artist
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There him is, Badger boui, eATS him up
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hellebee|Student General Artist
gross, fuzzy
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