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Daily Deviation
July 22, 2008
The Night's reign by *Helleana is a perfect example of many things coming together to create a beautiful image.
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The Night's reign

See also [link]

" Cloaked in a black veil adorned with the shimmering sparkles of the stars the Night's reign of darkness returns once more, plunging the Earth into its spell while its loyal scourge, Dusk, announce its venue by drowning away the dying light of Day. "

A remake of the previous "Sapphire constriction" [link] with a little more details.

Model : The forever :iconamellya:

Thank you Amellya for bearing so pleasantly with the long hours of preparation when you work with me.

All gems were glued to her even the eyebrow ones, it's not a photomanip. And the moon is a lamp :iconedaoust: lended to me (Merciiii)

Picture of the full moon was taken by my sweetheart and he lend it to me for this image. I could have also posted this in "photomanipulation" as it is a mix of 2 photos.
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Atelier24Art's avatar
Beautiful and expressive work! Great!
Samengelf's avatar
A little sexy, a little of fantasy, I totally love that :D
Ths image is wonderful
465lps's avatar
xzendor7's avatar
Very Very Cute
KandiViXenKHAOS-92's avatar
I do so LOVE the pasties!!!=333
Helleana's avatar
KandiViXenKHAOS-92's avatar
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Mokona4532's avatar
I am not going to lie, that picture astounds me. I swear it looks like a figurine, but then I checked your description and was like...WTF?! That's a PERSON?!

Very, very, very well composed. Very good job.
Helleana's avatar
Haha yes that's a person ;) Glad you like it :D

Mokona4532's avatar
I do! I really do. =w=
art24six's avatar
Beatiful colours, concept and lighting. Wonderfully crisp image.
DeRuiz's avatar
Very great colour scheme! I love the whole feel to this photo, well done you. *applause*
Helleana's avatar
Helleana's avatar
ObliqueNightShade's avatar
You're very welcome! :D
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davehare's avatar
Very stylish image, great attention to detail.
Excellent work.
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