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Welcome Home

By hellcorpceo
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I loves ya, bebe.

On tumblr! FOLLOW ME ON TUMBLR *heavy breathing, doesn't blink for hours*
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C'mere, Hobbes, ya big lug, how ya been? How 'bout a game of Calvinball, for old times sake?
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Is this from PerfectWorld?
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oh but really looks like one:) Venomancher and barbarian. Still a very good work!:)
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aw! so precious ;w;
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This is amazing.
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This is gorgeous! What stunning character designs, and I love the emotions you've conveyed in their expressions. I can't help smiling when I look at this piece. :D
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This is the shiz!!!!!
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You make marvelous original characters~ 
There's a lovely warmth from this too just from their interaction : ) 

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It has a warm, nice, warmhearted feeling, including the effect. <3 
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what is this based off of
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Just a couple of characters Bailiwick and I made. :3
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It kills me how beautiful your work is and your lines are just, ugh, perfect. 

Is there a certain brush you use for final lines? Or a brush setting? 
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On this one, I actually just used a pencil-y brush that I downloaded off of DA here: oniai-love-ru.deviantart.com/a… I have been very into rougher brushes lately, to (hopefully) keep my work from feeling too clean. :B
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Cool! Your work has always hide a nice mixture of clean lines and a "hand drawn" feel to it. Very nice.
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This is so beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul 
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Love the expressions that you can see!:)
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