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Vincent Reyes

Today has been Finish Art That I've Had Lying Around Day. It's also apparently been Character Sheet Day, and My God I Should Draw A Real Picture Sometime Day.

For :iconmoontouched:! And here comes another big, long description, which is tragically free of jokes. I'll do better next time, I promise.

Name: Vincent Reyes
Age: 28
Height: 6'2"
Gender: Male
Sect: Belekt (sort of)
Rank: Beta

Personality: He's a good guy who puts up with a lot of shit.

Background: Vincent Reyes grew up in Decatur, Illinois, the third of his parents' four sons. His father and grandfather both served proudly in the Army, and Vincent and his brothers all grew up wanting to do the same. But, since this is a werewolf story and not a recounting of Vincent's amazing military career, we all know where this is going.

What seemed like a long-forgotten childhood dog attack proved to be much more when Vincent hit puberty and underwent his first change. Suddenly, he was a monster, and all of his hopes and dreams came crashing down around him. His family did what they could, but Vincent was far too angry to just sit around and play at normal. When he was 18, he hit the road. He bummed around the West, went up to Canada, came back down to the States--and that's where he met Zeke.

Being a professional Angry Young Man, Zeke welcomed Vincent into his ragtag pack of faux-punk biker layabouts. Vincent quickly became Zeke's Beta. It only lasted a few years--things like that burn out fast. Eventually, Vincent got tired of sleeping in vans and terrorizing the countryside and started to make his way back to something approaching a regular life.

He reconnected with his family, who put him in touch with a guy who knew a guy who was a werewolf. That wolf was former military, like his dad. He had a weird job, working for this secret paramilitary corporation thing. Landis something or other.

Now, Vincent works for LySec. He's gotten a handle on his wolf side, which is pretty important, seeing as he's one of Grayson Oliver's bodyguards. Some wolves might find a conflict of interest in working for someone like Oliver, but not Vincent. He has a purpose now, a job, a structured day. He feels normal--and that's worth a lot.
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Werewolves reign!
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I thought is said vincent Reece XD one of my friends names. dayum m8
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I just don't know what to say... this is art, muscles are perfect and anatomy too, i love it
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Sweet character concept, nice poses and expressions. *gentleman voice* your anatomy creates a sense of believability in his werewolf forms. As they say, this "s--t is hot".
P.S. any chances you can offer some incite into how you achieved your textured background
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Thank you so much! For this one, I think I just grabbed some textured brushes and set them on overlay. I like to use the texture brushes from this set: [link] :B
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he reminds me of Jake Muller from Resident Evil 6 (which i hate, despite being a die-hard RE fan)
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he is lucky because of being capable of transforming to three different sizes as well as to 2 different forms(wolf and werewolf)!
great job!
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whats the name of the story that goes with this? i'd love to read it :)
wow did a search for my name and this came up.... awesome!!
wow did a search for my name and this came up..... awesome!!!
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My urge to hug him is great. My fear of being eaten is greater. His fur looks really thick and soft.
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I wish you did commissions... :)
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whats a Belekt?
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Wow! Awesomeness!!
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Great, great, work, I love it :love:
Muscle-Wolf's avatar
Sweet looking wuff
Princess-Okimaka039's avatar
AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!! 8D
zephirwolf's avatar
gotta love those handpaws
ArtisticSoldier's avatar
Great character. He's awesome from his description. :D
Awesome artwork and awesome backstory! (And, since Vincent's human form reminds me just a bit of Lex Luthor, I find him very very sexy, too.)
hellcorpceo's avatar
HEE just as an aside, I freaking love Lex Luthor.
Me, too! *grins*
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