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Sailor Moon

Who else is ready for the Gritty Techno Future Sailor Moon reboot*??

In the name of the moon, she will punish you! Severely.

*not an actual show, but I would watch the hell out of it if it were
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Every version of Sailor Moon with a turtle neck looks so good...I love what you've done with her design! Looks very beautiful!
SailorMoonART101's avatar
This is me but nvm.....
PotentiallyCute's avatar
omg  YES PLEASE with this!!
RobertDent's avatar
do Mars pretty plz ^^
GrassyAtlanta's avatar
oh my dog i love this so much
onisyri18's avatar
Will you ever do a full body version i would love to see her in full
artieas's avatar
OrangeLetters88's avatar
Screw the talk and got down to the blood!
AmbientDays's avatar
Damn, they should have put you in charge of the new version.
I would have watched the hell out of it too.
Maybe if it were like this I'd actually finish the series.
Skylar-Kohai's avatar
oh my gosh this is so awesome! 
truepardox's avatar
wow wow wow can we see full character study? plz plz plz
uliram's avatar
not going to lie, I would watch the hell out of that too. She was such an airhead in the original series. I tried to watch the series again years later and I just kept thinking "she has the IQ of a toenail"
lovelykittenhello's avatar
yeah.. have to agree :C though, luckily she had character growth through out the series. so she became a bit more mature
Iluvdragonfruit's avatar
I mistook this for a fan art of Ky Kiske's new design xD
Although this is really rad ;w; I'd kill to see a gritty version of her in action <3
Kitfroggie's avatar
Great drawing, but it looks like a boy... no offense
EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
io9 featured this piece in a Sailor Moon article.…
hellcorpceo's avatar
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omfg, thank you for telling me! *SPAMS LINK TO WORLD*
EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
Raistlinsama's avatar
Oh, I'd like to se all the other Senshi in the same stile. She looks AMAZING!
en-adoptables's avatar
Best Sailor Moon fanart so far.
Shirlendra's avatar
Kill la kill + Sailor Moon? Yes please!
hellcorpceo's avatar
This was drawn over a year before Kill la Kill even aired, but sure.
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