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I like rhinos.
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This is so awesome in it simplicity! Really enjoy this style.
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Simple and beautiful :D
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The style reminds me of the Rhinos in a game called "Tak and The Power of JuJu". Did you get inspiration for the style from there or is it just a coincidence?

It's very cool looking, anyway. :)
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I LOVED THAT GAME! until my xbox died and I couldn't play it anymore :(
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It was pretty cool. :) I still have it on PS2, but I could never really get far in it, unfortunately. :(
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yeah I think I may have got stuck for quite a while at one point.. I don't really remember it was so long ago!
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OMG tha's amazing
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His expression. XD

Very nice style!
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That rhinos is awesome ! I just love it !
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I really like that you draw in different styles and are unafraid to upload whatever here. PEOPLE GET SO AFRAID OF THAT and go through gallery submission deleting rampages and stuff. Which, well...diversity is what the real art world is all about (though I guess people lose sight of that and want popularity instead and people like seeing the same shit over and over so...)

Rant aside; 

I like the shading and personality in the expression and style. THE EARS FFFF SOCUTE. 
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*U* thank you!! I am trying to upload more of my brainspam doodles, since my 'finished' work can get sort of too-tight and clean for my liking. I fill my tumblr with messy art a lot, but for some reason, I'd gotten it into my head that DA is for FINISHED WORK ONLY.


see, this is what happens when you encourage me
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YEAH I get that same feeling, for some reason I'm anal about my DA gallery but like no other gallery out there, it's not like DA is anything close to professional/it's not...used as a portfolio (or shouldn't be, in my opinion- they have the portfolio option for that.) I get all my commission work from Furaffinity so you'd think I'd care more about what I submit there but nope. I'm more inclined to submit sketchy stuff there.

Sketches rock anyway, I think people get delusional about amazing artists when they don't submit anything but what they've spent HOOOOUUURSSS on-- it's like the fashion industry and the equivalent of only seeing people when they're all airbrushed up. It causes insecurity issues in everyone and nobody wants that. As an artist I'd rather encourage people by showing all sorts of sketches and finished art etc so they don't think I just SUDDENLY WHIPPED UP THIS AMAZING ARTWORK AND EVERYTHING I DRAW LOOKS LIKE THAT fffff.

tl;dr yes more sketches prz. It's fun to see different levels of work from people and is nothing anyone should be embarrassed about and it lets everyone know we actually do *work* to get finished artworks like we don't just bash our heads against a canvas or something. 
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Love your rendering of the rhino, so much so that I kind of stole its likeness for a mobile anti-poaching game we're making. Can we get permission to use the likeness if we decide to use it in-game? You can see the image here.
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Did you know that Rhino's horns are made of the same stuff your hair and nails are made of?

Rhino's are coool. :3
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I did know that! They ARE cool, aren't they :B 
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I love the brush you used. It looks like traditional pencil. Very nice.
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nice rhino XD ^^ (: :) :U <-- all of my faces srryif some diddnt work D:
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