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Lasha Character sheet

Lasha is the guy from here: [link] , and it's about time he got a proper character sheet. Unfortunately, I got really, really lazy on the coloring, but at least the pretty floral pattern from ~chambertin helped to jazz it up.

Lasha is one of those characters that I made up without a real purpose. He's been hanging around in various forms and in various unfinished doodles for a couple of years. Sometimes he has a unicorn tail, because I like those. Sometimes he has different antlers, because I like those, too.

I know everybody and their brother has an all-white character, but SCREW YOU GUYS I GOT ONE TOO. Actually, I have several, but OH HEY LOOK IT'S SOMETHING DISTRACTING SO I DON'T HAVE TO FINISH THIS EXPLANATION.

He has a sword because weapons are cool, but let's be realistic: he has no idea how to use that thing.
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AxelAsh's avatar
Oh he's handsome!
I've been drawing a lot of faun style characters lately, so this is cool to see!
Serazimei's avatar
Dat explanation XD It's so sweet that he has a sword even thought he has no clue how to use it~
I really like this character sheet. It's beautifully detailed and yet simple.
theantist's avatar
Awesome! By the way my name is Lasha as well :D
YumichikaKuroda's avatar
You'll may be angry but ...But I tried to make a cosplay on him and it's still unfinished  =(…
hellcorpceo's avatar
Oh my god, this is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course I am not angry, this is amazing!!! :hug: I am so flattered, I don't even know what to say! Thank you so much!! :heart: :heart:
YumichikaKuroda's avatar
Gosh, I'm so glad that you like it!))) Love Thanks to you and all your beautiful  work I win with this cosplay! :happybounce:
Lasha is my most adored character))))Excited Blush
I'll show you the video from festival as soon as it will be made Heart Heart Heart Heart 
hellcorpceo's avatar
Oh wow, that's wonderful!! Yes, please show me the video when you have it! I have been showing this picture to everyone and they are all amazed by your incredible cosplayed! :hug: :heart:
YumichikaKuroda's avatar
Sorry it's been sooooo long since I've been here..... There was some reasons(((
BUT! Here is the video!…
 And my artistic skill emmm as cool as hell! X))
I'm so glad that you like it! I was afraid there would be a lot of mistakes O_O
I try to finish all details and try this cosplay on another festival)))
hellcorpceo's avatar
Oh my goddddddd this is incredible!!! Your craftsmanship is amazing--I am just stunned! Thank you again for choosing Lasha. You make him look amazing!!! (And now I have to send this to all of my friends!!) :heart: :heart: :heart:
YumichikaKuroda's avatar
You make me shyyyy Neko Emoji-42 (Kawaii Moe Smile) [V3]
This is not a big deal))) It is YOU ho do amazing things!)))))))Neko Emoji-42 - (Kawaii Admiring) [V3]
Chinesegal's avatar
He's a guy? I tought of princess Nuala when I saw him!
ninsennansen's avatar
such a beautiful work of art:)
Demyxs-Sitar's avatar
I plan to cosplay him with your permission.
hellcorpceo's avatar
Oh wow, go right ahead!! 8DDDD Send me a pic if you do it!
Demyxs-Sitar's avatar
Thank you! I will, of course. I truly love this design. Even in it's simplicity, it is so elegant. I also have a thing for faun legs and antlers. <3
xioara09's avatar
Love the design, and your description gave me a good laugh. :D
Zerelixon's avatar
I don't care if everybody an their brother has an all-white character. I still love this to death (and your more than hilarious description of him), and let's face it; all-white characters are cool :lol:

Yes I'm guilty of having some of them too :|
AsetWesir's avatar
Cool character design and great background.
allieh465d's avatar
I love how simplistic the background is! It does look like they're levitating though xD <3
Fauphisto's avatar
Whoa, dude. This is seriously beautiful. c: I love both of his forms. Kind of reminds me of Cluracan's Nemesis and the Nemesis' deer form from the "Sandman" comics.
iaphyx's avatar
D: you're entire gallery is gorgeous! Where ever do you get your textures??
hellcorpceo's avatar
Some of them I have made, some of them I have found, and a lot of them are just me mashing different custom brushes together until I get something that looks vaguely un-terrible. :B
Birdie121's avatar
I LOVE your drawing style. :D
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