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Hipster Misty

My tumblr-bros Pinksparkledogs and Lacklustin made hipster Ash, so I made hipster Misty. The sort of hilarious part is that if I’d just left her in her (bizarre) iconic shorts-and-suspenders outfit, it would STILL qualify as hipster. Misty, you’re finally in style!

Full disclosure: I would wear that magikarp shirt.

I don’t know why psyduck is wearing a Hello Kitty hat.
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kounya's avatar
omg way too cute. D: that psyduck <3
Literri's avatar
This is so great..good Pokemon are too mainstream magikarp ftw...and psyduck though <3
Shamancreations's avatar
This has got to be the sexiest thing I have ever seen...
MightyMelleR's avatar
that is a super cute outfit and I love her aloof expression. Such a great stylisation of the character!
really, really lovely work!
Flife's avatar
She's cute. ;w;
nice job!
Blue-Starr's avatar
Okay, several points: 

2.) Psyduck is adorable in that Hello Kitty hat :XD:
3.) I'd love to see the other Pokemon girls in hipster outfits! Your style would make them so cuuuute :D
hellcorpceo's avatar
Oh man, I want Misty's outfit, too. Failing that, I'll take Psyduck's hat.
Blue-Starr's avatar
The day I find those boots and that jumper I'll let you know haha :XD: After I buy myself one of course lol 
Viral-X-Viral's avatar
Staryu is so f**king main stream. Like. I don't want to star in anything. The capitalist dogma doesn't f**king control me. Like. Who wants Staryubucks? Let's all go to Staryubucks. 
SpaceCadetAmy's avatar
Love it. Psyduck doesn't need a reason, he looks fabulous.
FeatherHeartCrista's avatar
how creative and cute!
Solely-Sabotage's avatar
this is so friggin adorable! *U*
1234pig's avatar
this is cool. i really like the hello kitty hat on psyduck. it just works. good job
LMonster2's avatar
Awesome. I love this trainer and her psyduck. So cute and I love all the details and colors you used.
GilPires's avatar
awesome cute and awesome!!!
oriceles's avatar
the hellokity hat was too much
yubbi45's avatar
Hipster ash cannot be found :(
Talatarian's avatar
Aw, I really wanted to see Hipster Ash, but the links don't work!
hellcorpceo's avatar
YEAH, they changed their blogs back from the halloween names, and I haven't had the time to sift through and find the pictures again.
Talatarian's avatar
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