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Guild Wars

By hellcorpceo
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Technically Guild Wars 2, but that made for a cruddy title. 

This thing has been sitting on my computer for forever. It's my Sylvari ranger, Idryd, and Baili’s Charr warrior from Guild Wars 2, being DRAMATIC. Idryd’s armor is loooosely based on some of the in-game armor I’ve had, though I swapped in a plain old Krytan bow because the powerful bows all look silly when you paint them. As for Craxus, well. His armor started OUT as a combo of a couple of armor sets, and then I just said NNNOPE and went bonkers with it. CRAZY GEAR MOTIF PAULDRONS 4 ALL.

The big splattery brush in the back is from the GW2 press kit, I believe. SO MUCH FUN to paint in this style.

Included a couple of detail shots because details. Now I just have to make time to actually play the game again, lolololol I am the worst.

Tumblr link with a couple of detail shots!

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Very very very cool! <3
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Ooooh this is super cool!  Maybe I'll try to make something like this with my characters :D 
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I also love both the subtlety and the intriguing detail.  Honestly, the entire composition, your technique, and personal artistic choices are very engaging <3 
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Hmm... this is nice.
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whelp I guess I should log in again
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My two favourite races too and it's really beautifull !
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My two favourite races in the same picture, and so well drawn, what's not to like? Love how you worked that charr face into the pauldron, and great job on the sylvari's pose, he looks ready for anything. Beautifully done!
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Thank you so much!! I need to paint more Charr, they are like wonderful angry cat-dragons *U*
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Absolutely, the world needs more Charr!
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Okay, I officially blame you for me now desperately wanting this game. IT'S SO PURTY! And your art makes everything look so gorgeous...!
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Nice detail with Idryd's face. Sylvari is my favorite race... mainly because they're British. rofl 
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Omg! This makes me want to play GW! I haven't played in probably 2 years x.x. I always loved the game though. Should get GW2. Anywho, this is fantastic. And I love how real your Charr looks! I always loved how they resembled lions and big cats.
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Oh hi ooki, fancy seeing you here.
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Ethan!! LOL This made me laugh out loud when I saw this in my inbox. XD!!

Is going to get GW2!!! It's going to happen!! ...I.. just dunno when ^^;
EthanRedOtter's avatar
Yes!! I play on the Lornar's Pass server, my user name is RedOtter. My main is a Norn Ranger named Kjordr, who usually has either a raven or a white wolf following him. 
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I'll remember that! :3
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WHAT?!?!?! do you have to go to their website to DL?
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