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Grayson Oliver

For :iconmoontouched: again! He's the morally-ambiguous villain of our piece.


Name: Grayson Oliver
Species: Human
Age: 37
Gender: Male (duh)
Height: 6'2"

Personality: Smooth criminal.

Background: Grayson is the great great grandson of Vale pack leader Silas Oliver. The moral fiber of Silas's family has steadily eroded over the generations, culminating in Grayson, a mercenary with an Ivy League education. He's tired of Silas, tired of paying out money to fund his pack, and tired of the old man thinking he should have some sort of say in the operations of Oliver-Newcomb. He finds particular pleasure both in using his money to control Silas, and in his other little hobby, the Landis project.

The Landis Project
Werewolves are of a particular interest to Gray. Not long ago, he began funding research into better and more effective anti-werewolf technology. After all, this was a niche that needed filling. Werewolves were trouble, and the military--while never publicly acknowledging that weres existed--had tangled with them before. Gray knew they would be more than happy to pay for something more effective than a dinky silver bullet. Besides, it would be a good opportunity to stick it to Silas, and get rid of a bunch of murdering beasts in the process.

Using his connections through Silas's pack, Gray secretly recruited a few disaffected weres to participate in chemical tests. Oliver-Newcomb researchers worked to find synthetic substitutes for silver, and better ways of "delivering" that silver substitute into the body. Results came quickly; commercial and military contracts followed.

Research has since expanded from chemicals into the actual weaponry itself. As the operation grew, Gray oversaw the building of a new secret testing facility, nicknamed Landis. The remote complex is located near the Canadian border, surrounded by high fences, razor wire, and bristling with guards.

When word of the Landis facility began to ripple through the werewolf community, Gray realized that his newfound unpopularity could carry some risk. Most of the weres from the original chemical tests were still around, still working for the company. Through them, Gray recruited even more wolves--wolves who were sick of fighting each other for scraps in the shadows. They were trained as guards--guards for Landis, and personal bodyguards for Gray. The company nickname for them is LySec; they call themselves the Lost Boys.

* * *

Tl;dr: Gray is a jerk, is mean to Silas, and runs a little mini-pack of werewolves while simultaneously funding research into shooting werewolves in the face.
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he's a jerk, but he's a sexy mofo.
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Oh they called themselves The Lost Boys. How appropriate.
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my name is Grayson :3
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One way of dealing with this prick? Turn him into a werewolf.

Hard to be as mean when the weapons you are creating as as dangerous to you as too 'the enemy'.
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Oh god I love the awesome lighting you have going on here. It's beautiful.

Also, that suit. It is perfect. In every way. So beautiful. ;;
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Wooh love his suit, he looks so handsome and mysterous, you style is so lovely
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This guy... he's a complicated, yet simple character. He reminds me, fondly, of David Xanatos of Gargoyles, and of the Tindall family from Alan F Troop's The Dragon DelaSangre series.
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I love that your group has an antagonist. So rad!
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OH MY GOOOOOOD...he's so freakin' hooooooot. i cannot get over that standing pose. seriously...if he was a real person...i would so try to not let him catch me staring at his beautiful face and hands. :iconiluplz:
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again such a wonderful character, even if he's bad =p
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Mmm I'd like to take him out for dinner discussing... business, of course. :3
I love this guy already!
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WHy does he has to be the bad guy???!!! T^T He's so sexy!
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*wolf whistle*
Pun intended.
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FFFFFFFFFFFF ahahahahahahahahaha
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Ooooh that is one swanky man. Jerky or no, he's still swoon-worthy!
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I like the TL;DR version. xD
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very cool! the art itself is elegantly executed, and I love the rich back stories you develop for your characters.
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