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July 23, 2010
The suggester said: "Despite its simple composition, I absolutely love the attention to detail that ~hellcorpceo has paid in this painting. The rendering of the light patches and the textures is masterful, too. And of course, the actual subject of Bear and Chipmunk is extremely endearing. I really hope that bear will indeed not eat the chipmunk."
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Suggested by Exillior
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Bear and Chipmunk

By hellcorpceo
Hopefully, Bear's next move is not to eat Chipmunk.

Detail: [link]
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SprinkleTulip9813's avatar
I love chipmunks, I love bears, and I love love (like the kind shown in this picture for instance). You (Gasp and egads, hah! That's funny) are a true genius. A GENIUS!♪
cullyferg2010's avatar
'I hope he doesn't sleep up there too long.  I'm getting a crick in my neck from standing here.'  Love the crooked smile on the bruin's muzzle.  Priceless.  And the sunlight playing across his dark fur adds to making this memorable.
furocious-studios's avatar
Stamp Rated Furocious by furocious-studios
Ok, this deviation is just frightening! I would not want to be that bear when the little guy wakes up!
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ashenbach's avatar
Awesome work! We loved it so much that we made it part of our Art Inspiration of the Day -…
NayaDove's avatar
So cute, but muuuuuhhhh I wish I could draw bears that good... *loves bears (other animals too)* *aspires to draw bears well and other things too, bears specifically though* (today bears, tomorrow the world.(?)) I want to draw beautimus bear like dis. That chipmunk is super tiny though, it's amazing how detailed it is in the detail picture.
seektimefordeath's avatar
The bear looks like my dog

Adline-c's avatar
I feature you here, Hope it's Ok ;) (Wink)

goodfebruarian's avatar
Chipmunk : ZzZzZzZ

Bear : Food?
CraziBlonde's avatar
how adorable ahhh I can just scream :D
blodbear's avatar
okay, it's official....I fell in love with this drawing....fuck omg.
I wish this could marry me.
Really Cute! Reminds me of a fanfiction where two of the character's animagus forms are a bear and chipmunk and they're a couple :D
Kodi9's avatar
Do you know of the story of the bear and chipmunk? C:
rkainne's avatar
awwwww so cute
Cartoonstory75's avatar
No, his expression says " I want to get him off of me, but I do not want to disturb his nap."
ArcticIceWolf's avatar
the bear´s facial expression is priceless :rofl:
RenagadeRexRider's avatar
lovin the expressions and size comparison~
emplippy1022's avatar
RukahTsubasa's avatar
adorable! and i love the dappled light^^
SnowBumbee's avatar
Aww wow, this is so sweet, the fur and the shading are fabulous !
PileOfJunk's avatar
thats adorable! ><
Brunneis-Ursus's avatar
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