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Darth Vader cover-up

Cover-up using Darth Vader
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This is actually my tat and the name Jenny is mine not a lover. Margaret is an amazing artist, I'm a huge Star Wars fan, and she captured my nerdy fandom perfectly!
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Strong is the awesomeness in this one... :D haha
By far one of the coolest cover ups EVER. Great job :)
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Not a big fan of Tattoos but that is by far the ultimate way to cover it up :)
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Hey, if you gotta do a tattoo cover-up, who could be cooler than darth vader? If I got a tattoo, I surely would consider darth for one! Great job!
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Nice job , Darth is like made to order for cover ups I'm surprised he's not used more often.
Yoda next ,what no Jar-Jar ? :XD:

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Such a clever idea for a cover up. Very inventive and it looks great!
Hey Margaret, I'm getting ready for the Yoda. You still at painted Lady?
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I'm sure she did, I thought it was a brilliant idea.. she's coming back to get yoda on the other shoulder, kinda like a devil/angel thing!
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that's a great tat.
please upload another pic (with yoda) later here.
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The force is strong with this one
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:o wow that looks sweet! :clap: truly amazing
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lovers come and go, but the dark side is forever :p

nice work
saugetier's avatar
haha. but you forget the end of episode 6 ;)
cherri-pai's avatar
oh yeah :(

but there has to be a sith lord out there to maintain the balance in the force....otherwise the storylines that were poorly executed (in all senses of the word) in episodes 1-3 would be pointless

i may still be bitter from watching episode 3 recently.
so dissapointed :(
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yeah, you are right. there will allways be good and bad.
and where a lord is, there will be a people too ;)
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Thats fantastic! :aww:
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great cover up :D and nice work on darth, its nice to see a good tat of darth vader for once :)
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