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Hi! Just to let you know my Flat Top hair for Genesis and Genesis 2 is on a 50% discount for the rest of the wekend.…


"With today’s news, DAZ Studio will be the first application to make NVIDIA Iray 2015 available to the public.
DAZ Studio users will be able to use the newest version of the advanced rendering technology that is available in premium products such as Maya and 3D Studio Max."

So, yeah, DAZ Studio`s new default render engine is NVIDIA Iray 2015. Unbiased, no plugins, no export to external engines, fully integrated and free. And the quality of course, is incredible.


If your computer runs 64 bit DS it will run Iray. A minimum of 4GB of Video ram on an NVIDIA card recommended (or more than one card) to take best advantage of its capabilities, but you get the same renders with or without graphics cards.


As a LuxRender user since the first version of Reality years ago and then with Luxus, I am seriously happy with this new addition!


You can download DAZ Studio 4.8 (Iridium) here:


I'll be live here right this second:…


Genesis 2 and Victoria 6

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 15, 2013, 9:51 PM


Victoria 6 has been released a couple of minutes ago!…

DAZ STUDIO Pro 4.6 released

Journal Entry: Sat May 18, 2013, 12:31 PM

DAZ Studio Pro 4.6
DAZ Studio is the FREE software I use to create my 3D images. The Luxus plugin for it is also the best choice for photorealistic images.

The latest version of DAZ Studio Pro has just been released and I'm very pleased with it!
It has very nice new features, like an updated render engine, Ptex support, support for OpenSubdiv subdivision algorithms; Catmark, Bilinear, Loop; adds support for edge and/or vertex weights/creasing, support for TriAx to TriAx AutoFit... etc.  But probably what I'm liking the most right now is the new SubSurface Scattering shader. DAZ Studio had SSS since many years ago and I like it, but this new shader is easier and better. I'm pleasantly impressed.

You can download the Full version of DAZ Studio Pro 4.6 for free here:

Thanks for looking!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 2:36 PM



Vincent 3D character pack

Based on the character played by Ron Perlman in the 80's Beauty and the Beast TV series

I'm a big Hellboy fan and that kinda leads me to like another character played by the same actor: Vincent from the 80s Beauty and the Beast.
This is my first character, and thus, it's very special to me. I hope you enjoy using him as much as I did creating it. It comes with custom morphs, genital fit, conforming hair figure, many material presets and fits for it, high quality texture maps (including genitals) and Poser and Daz Studio Material Presets to apply them all. Have fun!!!

SOTO's Vincent for The Freak 4 by HellboySoto